Man of Steel aka Superman

Man of Steel aka Superman

After countless attempts to make a good Superman movie, DC finally did it with Man of Steel, it wasn't an amazing movie, it was good, but it was surprisingly better than any Superman movie that has come before.

Man of Steel:

As most classic heroes were, so was the Man of Steel, also known as Clark Kent, he represented what is known as the good side of humanity, he fought for what he believed in, he fought for what was considered right, and with the amount of dedication he had, he seemed true and sincere in his quest to defend what he considered innocent, what he considered worthy. With all his amazing abilities, the movies still managed to show his weakness, a soft heart, this weakness is what makes him an amazing character to root for.

Villian aka General Zod:

Nothing is better in a movie than an amazing villain, it is what is the basic strength of any dramatic movie, someone who isn't considered good, someone considered so vile that we choose to identify him only by his extreme side. But there is always more to a villain, which is what makes him deep, which is what makes him interesting, like the Man of Steel, General Zod was in his own way doing what he considered right, and he was just as blind in his dedication as the Man of Steel was. He used all of his strength and newfound abilities to complete his vision of a new Krypton, though sadly he could not achieve his goals, he died imagining his vision, at the hands of someone exactly like him, which makes the ending of this movie the saddest DC comics movie endings of all time.


I have not yet seen Wonder Woman, but putting that movie and the Dark Knight trilogy aside, Man of Steel is by far the best DC superhero movie ever made, but it could've been as amazing the Dark Knight trilogy, had they given complete control to director/writer/producer Christopher Nolan.

Also please share if you like the name "Man of Steel" more than "Superman".


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  • I personally enjoyed the first two ones with Christopher Reeve more.


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  • I saw Man of Steel in theaters! I'm not really a superhero movie fan but I've seen several superhero movies because my sister loves them. So I go with her to the theaters and we watch mostly Marvel since that's her favorite. I like them as movies but I can't say I'm a comic book fan.
    Anyways! I liked Man of Steel the most out of all the DC movies I've seen. The Dark Knight trilogy was pretty good but I preferred Man of Steel. Sorry to everyone who likes Dark Knight. I'm not saying it sucked or anything like that.
    I did see Wonder Woman and I have to say that this one was by far my favorite of all the DC movies. I absolutely did not want to see it but my 7 year old cousin insisted. She's a Wonder Woman fan and has even watched the show with Linda Carter. And I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. I even recommended it to my mom.

    So yeah, Man of Steel was good.

  • not interested

  • Batman's better anyway.

    • He's good, but he can't really defeat Superman

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