More Random Stuff About Superheroes

As I said, this will be random. And it'll have both facts and opinions.

Black Widow was trained by Wolverine.

This is when she was really young. He temporarily left his violent ways for her and cared very much about her well-being. I think it's pretty badass considering he's one of the best fighters in the Marvel universe.

She also once fell in love with Bucky Barnes while he was brainwashed (but she wasn't completely sane either back then).

Superman can run faster than Quicksilver (and fly much faster).

This is why I feel that most Flash vs. Quicksilver races are pointless. If Superman is that much faster, you can imagine how much faster Flash is.

All Marvel's site states about Quicksilver's speed is that he can travel faster than the speed of sound. This does make him one of the fastest characters on earth in the Marvel universe. But Superman's top speed is said to be around ten times the speed of light (assuming we don't count pre-crisis or DC One Million). I'm not sure about Wally's speed but Barry Allen's top speed is 13 billion times the speed of light.

Now Flash vs. Silver Surfer would be a much closer race but I still think Flash would win. Surfer's speed is estimated to be around 31.5 million times the speed of light. Marvel's fastest character is Makkari though. I've heard he's faster than the Flash but I know absolutely nothing about his character.

This is only in the comics though. I do think that Fox's Quicksilver is faster than CW's Flash.

Black Panther would beat Batman in a fight.

The short version

I'm just going to compare all of their attributes DnD style.

• Fighting Skill = Black Panther

• Strength = Black Panther

• Speed = Black Panther

• Will Power = Batman

• Durability = Black Panther

• Agility (reflexes, reaction time, nimbleness) = Black Panther

• Senses (hearing, vision, scent) = Black Panther

• Dexterity = Black Panther

• Comprehension = Black Panther

• Vitality = Black Panther

• Wealth/Resources = Black Panther

• Battle Tactics = Black Panther

Black Panther = 11 points

Batman = 1 point

The long version...

A lot of people do say that Black Panther is a Batman rip-off and I'm not denying that. He very well might be since the two characters are similar. That's exactly why he'd win though. They had a character to take ideas from so they could improve upon him and give him more.

To start off, Black Panther started training when he was a lot younger. He's been trained from the moment he was born. Batman knows 127 different martial arts but Black Panther knows literally every form of hand to hand combat known to man and many different forms of armed combat too. Even now, he prefers to train in the jungle with other creatures rather than his own cave.

He also grew up in the most technologically advanced country in the Marvel universe where they've been feeding him the right kind of food and herbs so he could be at the absolute peak of human potential and have better senses. So he's stronger, faster, more agile, and can sometimes recognize people by their scent alone.

This was before he was enhanced even further though. Unlike Batman, he does have powers. He's got a mystical connection with the Wakandan Panther God, which grants him superhumanly acute senses, enhanced strength, speed, agility, stamina, durability, healing, and reflexes. He's strong enough to stop the charge of an elephant.

He also has more than 6 times as much money. Bruce has $80 Billion but T'Challa has $500 Billion. For comparison, even Iron Man has $100 Billion. And considering he has his own army, he's more experienced with battle strategies too.

Finally, Black Panther has a contingency plan for Galactus who is more powerful than most of the Justice League members combined... Oh, and did I mention the next bit?

Black Panther once defeated and killed a T-Rex using equipment only found in the jungle. He used a palm tree as a catapult to launch a boulder at the beast.

Only Hawkeye can draw his bow.

The reason is that it's DNA-locked. The string is rigid and turns elastic when Hawkeye touches it. Thor's godlike strength would end up breaking the bow.

Thor and Hulk can survive in hotter temperatures than Superman.

This isn't only an assumption since they have the feats to prove it. All three of them have survived supernovas, but Superman got K.O.-ed by it and Hulk and Thor weren't even phased out.

This isn't entirely implying that the two of them are more durable since it depends on the kind of attack. Superman is definitely more durable against sharp objects since it's harder to penetrate his skin. He's also taken blows from much more powerful opponents.

He's the least durable among the three against energy attacks though. Thor and Hulk have better showings against explosions and they're not as easily affected by radiation. Thor is also immune to most forms of lightning.

Batman's always been more interesting as a solo character.

I've felt this way about majority of the comics that I've read involving him. I do enjoy some of the Justice League stories featuring him but I think his solo stories are a lot better. It's known that he doesn't play well with others and I really do think he works best when he's alone.

My favorite story featuring him is The Dark Knight Returns and even though Superman is in it, the story is more about Batman. I hated it's sequel The Dark Knight Strikes Again though. One of the reasons is that they tried to introduce many characters, but I can name so many things wrong with it.

Green Lantern and Wonder Woman were supposed to be a couple.

But that was scratched in the 70’s when DC received a letter by a fan that suggested the same idea. Due to legal reasons, this prohibited DC Comics from moving forward with the idea.

There's a comic where Superman is Batman

It's called Superman: Speeding Bullets. It's in an alternate universe where Kal-El's ship ends up in Gotham and he gets adopted by the Waynes. They name him Bruce and raise him. You can guess the rest.

He didn't use a grappling gun since he can fly and he also didn't need his ninja skills since he could use his speed to disappear. This story does a good job showing how different both the characters are. The Batman we see here is much darker though. Most of the supporting characters are Superman characters, besides Alfred. Tho story does take place in Gotham and I think that Dematteis did a really good job writing it.

Deadpool was originally written as a parody of Deathstroke.

A lot of fans have noted similarities between the characters, but Marvel has admitted that all of them are actually intentional. Even their names make it obvious... Wade Wilson and Slade Wilson.

They decided to keep Deadpool since fans loved him. He's developed into his own character now.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Wasn't black widow originally a villain an a soviet assassin to boot

    • She was but they later revealed that she trained with Wolverine even before she was captured and brainwashed.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I disagree with 3 points in the short comparison of Batman and Black Panter:
    Fighting Skill, Comprehension, and Battle Tactics Batman is better in those three too.

    • Fighting Skill = Batman
    • Strength = Black Panther
    • Speed = Black Panther
    • Will Power = Batman
    • Durability = Black Panther
    • Agility = Black Panther
    • Senses = Black Panther
    • Dexterity = Black Panther
    • Comprehension = Batman
    • Vitality = Black Panther
    • Wealth/Resources = Black Panther
    • Battle Tactics = Batman

    Black Panther = 8 points
    Batman = 4 points

    Anyway, Black Panther still would win, unless Batman exploits BP weakness.

    • Battle tactics and comprehension is debatable but Black Panther actually knows more martial arts than Batman. He started training at a much younger age and Marvel's website states that he knows literally all forms of hand to hand combat. He also knows many forms of animal mimicry and has incorporated them into his fighting style. He's a master at armed combat too but prefers unarmed combat. Batman is only proficient in 127.

      Batman probably has more experience but it's not by much. He's probably in his late 30s right now but that was in the New 52 If Bruce was 25 in Year One , he's 30 years old now since apparently everything from The Long Halloween to A Death in the Family to Knightfall to RIP all took place within 5 years, ridiculous as it sounds.

    • Batman does have better feats with prep though. Black Panther does plan ahead but we haven't seen him use his plans often. He's really good at improvising though.

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What Guys Said 9

  • Very interesting Take, let's see...
    1. I'm not surprised, she is a great fighter, just like Wolverine.
    2. I knew he can fly faster than Quicksilver, but I'm not sure if he can outrun him.
    3. Black Panther is just a copy, he is overhyped, but Batman is still much cooler as a character.
    4. Green Arrow would beat him, regardless of his bow.
    5. Of course they can, no doubt about that.
    6. That's true, Batman Returns story/movie is my favorite.
    7. I've heard about that, but I don't see why would she be interesed in him more than in Batman, Shazam, Superman, Flash or Aquaman?
    8. Interesting concept.
    9. Well, Deadpool is a funny type of hero, that's why people liked him from the beginning.
    Keep it up, I hope your Masters Of The Universe Take is going to be awesome like this one ;)

    • I agree that Batman is cooler and Green Arrow would beat Hawkeye.
      I actually have seen better running feats from Superman than from Quicksilver. But regardless of whether he's running or flying, he can't keep up with Flash or Silver Surfer.

      I'll probably post that soon :D

    • I agree, Silver Surfer is the only true speed competition for the Flash :D

  • That whole "knows most/nearly all forms of martial arts" and has "degrees" in a fuck ton of fields is one of the reasons I just can't believe in Batman's and Black Panther's characters. I don't care how genius they are - no human would be physically and mentally capable of mastering all of that whilst also keeping their multi-billion dollar enterprises and also not sleeping the night when they're wearing the suits and somehow not exhaust themselves.

  • All very interesting facts, to be sure. I'm currently researching alternatives to Sims for taking photo shoots. Not a lot of models in my area that would be helpful. And on top of that, mannequins are a fortune. And finding a Blasian teen mannequin that's 5'4" and looks like a younger version of Amerie is near-impossible.

  • Do Marvel just aim to make their characters a better version of DC?

    • Some of them, yes. Some of them aren't as good as their DC versions. Some are original. And some DC copied from Marvel.

      But yeah, Marvel has copied more characters from DC than the other way round.

  • I disagree about Black Panther - Batman always finds a way to win. Always

    • But Black Panther is better in pretty much every field. He's better at making battle plans too so he can find a way first

  • As usual awesome take, I have always enjoyed reading your comic (and other) takes. :-)

  • I would argue with the one about the temperature. Those characters have been changed for almost 60 years and 80 years now, too many changes to compare.
    In particular, what I'm referring to is the Super Flare, which is more or less a Vegeta's explosion combined with the Genkidama's energy gathering that Supes can do.
    I would say that all those character are virtually immune to temperature variations.

  • Nice article. :) youve got my vote.

  • Can't have black widow if you don't have an unnecessary shot of her ass.


What Girls Said 4

  • Ah, but could the Black Panther beat Chuck Norris in a fight? ;)

  • That's nice, but I think Batman's long term strategy would work against Black Panther :P

  • Awesome facts! Thanks! And about Batman and Black Panther, Black Panther may be able to beat Batman, but Batman is still the epitome of badass.

    • I must also say that I actually disagree to a certain point about Batman being better solo. I really liked him with Robin (Dick Greyson). I think some of the lesser known aspects of his personality were given s chance to shine when he took him under his wing and essentially raised him for a period. But as much as I like Batman, I have always liked Robin (Dick Greyson) better. He is just a really interesting character. I'm of the strong opinion that he deserves his own movie that tells his story. How his circus life fell apart, how Batman rescued him, how he even filled in for Batman for a brief time, and all the other events that lead up to his becoming Darkwing. And then they should make a movie on Darkwing.

    • I misspelled Grayson 😱 *facepalm*.

  • Wow, I never knew any of these facts, cool mytake :)

    • Except... I knew about Hulk and Thor, they have more endurance than Superman :P

    • Yeah but as I said, it depends on the kind of attack. There are some cases where Superman can withstand more than them.

    • Duh, unless some passerby accidentally has a piece of kryptonite in his pocket, that would be critical or even fatal for Superman, while Hulk and Thor would be unaffected :P