Captain America Civil War Review: Here's Who "Won" The War

This is just a mini review after seeing the movie once yesterday, so this is my immediate reaction to the movie.

This MCU movie was unlike any I have ever seen before, it left me feeling sad and I almost cried. Before I saw this movie I was a little disappointed that Captain America did not get his third movie to the Winter Soldier, but there is one element of this movie that makes me understand why his name was needed.

Captain America Civil War: My thoughts on who

Baron Zemo: I think that Captain America has the best villains and I think that is what is lacking in most MCU movies. Zemo has emotional depth in this movie. I kind of felt sorry for him when he told Black Panther that line about how he told his family that Steve and Tony were the heroes to him. Also, he found out 2 days later that his family died.

This movie delivers: I like how they did not forget about the Winter Soldier movie and continued Black Widow's conversation scene she had with Steve about asking him if it comes down to saving his life would he trust her to do it. Natasha Romanoff delivered an emotional punch and it made the movie Winter Soldieresque and showed how much she matured and how much Steve meant to her.

In a way this movie was a continuity to age of ultron because we get to explore Vision and Scarlett Witch's story arc.

Civil War delivers and delivers again: It had comedy but not too much comedy. I am glad that the Russo Brothers directed this. I have never seen the Ant Man movie but this makes me want to see it now.

I felt that Spiderman was a little rushed but seeing Spiderman humbles out Tony Stark's character. I could tell that Tony cared about Peter. Tony had one of funniest lines the movie when Ant Man became giant man he asked his team if anyone had any surprising powers now would be the best time to show it.

Steve Rogers shows his adaptation of a man of the modern world, with a timeless friendship:

Bucky is a complicated character and their interactions show that even though they are in the modern world, their friendship has never changed. The amount of love they share is too much to capture on screen. Just when I thought that their friendship could not be any closer, it's becomes solid in this movie.

Redemption: Civil War redeems itself with establishing a closer friendship with Tony and Stark. I never felt like they were friends in the Avengers movies, they always argued and seemed more like just Co workers when it came to talking. This movie shows the juxtaposition between the relationship of Steve and Bucky and Tony and Steve.

Character Intros: Martin Freeman's American voice is great. I had to remind myself that he was not American, not only that but he really utilizes his acting skills in this.

Black Panther:

Black Panther was the coolest in this movie. His character shows his reality when he helps Bucky in the end, by protecting him in Wakanda, instead of blindly fighting Bucky once he finds out that Bucky was framed for killing his father.

Visuals: the Visuals and action in this movie are so awesome.

Choosing a team: While I am #teamcap until the end of the line, I did feel the emotional dynamic for #teamstark too. Civil War is more about what defines a team than what makes a team.

So who "won" the war?: In a physical sense, Team Iron Man won because by the end of the movie, most of Captain America's team was in jail except for Black Widow who was helping Steve.

Also, after Steve and Tony fought, Captain America gave up his shield and left with Bucky. Emotionally, Team Captain America won because Black Widow ended up leaving his team although Tony told her that they were coming after her for helping Steve.

Also, even though Captain America's team were in jail they expressed their animosity towards Tony behind bars, which is why I feel that Team Captain America emotionally won. Vision left Tony and I could tell by the emotions on Tony's face after Steve left with Bucky that he was sad that things ended that way.

So who really won?: If you want to get technical, Zemo won. His goal was to make them kill each other. Although they never killed each other, Zemo's other goal was to destroy an empire. He wanted them to turn against each other and that did happen.

He may the first villain in the Disney MCU that won: Yep I said it.

Here is a little funny cute picture that pretty much sums up what the MCU fans want iron man and Captain America to do:

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  • GREAT Job on this MyTake. I really liked it.
    I saw the movie when it came out first day. And I think that it was Spectacular.

    This movie was based on a comic series. In that series Cap actually gave up once he realized the damage they were all doing fighting each other. Also Spider-man chose Team Stark but later changed to Team Cap when he saw what was really going on. Also after Cap surrenders he is actually shot on the steps of the courthouse and dies at the end. I guess the directors didn't want to kill people off in this movie. Good for them.

    This was just to give you an idea of what could have happened, that's all.

    Thanks again.

    • Thanks

      I read the civil war comic and Captain America died in a separate comic not the actual civil war comic

      I really look at the MCU as an alternate universe. I really wanted Spiderman to switch sides in the movie, but now that I think about it, Spiderman in the movie never was team iron man to begin with, he just wanted Steve and Tony to come together as a team

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    • In the comics, a lot of the X-Men are killed off because they're no longer viable film-wise. The Fantastic Four were similarly killed off.

      In the Avengers Alliance game on Facebook, the X-Men and Fantastic Four play pivotal roles in things. In the mobile MAA2, however, they effectively don't exist at all.

      I find it interesting how, in just the past 3 years, we went from Wolverine everywhere to Gamora everywhere.

    • Sigh oh well all we can do is watch marvel kill of mutants because of the deal with Fox

Most Helpful Girl

  • This is what I've been saying since the start of the movie. This is the first Marvel movie in which the villain actually won. You could count Loki in Thor: The Dark World, but he wasn't the primary villain there.

    This movie was very different from the comics, but I still enjoyed it. They did a good job showing both sides. And I'm glad Tony wasn't a complete dick like in the comics.

    Agree that Black Panther was the best in this movie. And fun fact: He's the wealthiest character in the Marvel universe (yes. He's 5 times as rich as Tony)

    You did get a few facts wrong though. Like Zemo is not "Baron" Zemo yet. He might be once he meets Thanos, but not right now. I'm still excited for Ragnarok


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What Guys Said 2

  • Did you even watch the movie?

    1) At the end of the movie Captain America broke out everyone out of jail, and formed the Secret Avengers.

    2) At the end Tony Starks gets a call from general Ross that there's a prison break out, but doesn't do anything about it, which means he is forgiven Cap.

    3) Zemo didn't win, the avengers are now stronger than ever because they know each other better.

    4) Zemo is not a Baron, just a Zemo.

    5) There is still an avengers team. Cap. send Tony Stark the phone at the end so that he can contact him. Stark cannot be an official Avenger because of the acords so he will help undercover.

    • Yes I saw the movie

    • No need to be condescending

    • Did you ever read my mytake? This is my immediate reaction to the movie that I saw 2 days ago, not a summary of the entire movie. Nothing wrong with pointing out facts but it seems like you intend to belittle me and assume that everyone reads the comics.

  • Very nice I liked it and there was no bias it seemed more neutral but other then that good review


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