Two Big Reasons I No Longer Watch Professional Wrestling

The terms professional wrestling, sports entertainment and performance theatre all perfectly describe the predetermined stories and choreographed moves seen in hundreds of promotions around the world. However, I can no longer watch this form of entertainment for these two major reasons:

1.) Injuries

Two of the reasons I no longer watch professional wrestling.

The above image is of Steve Borden who wrestled as Sting, right after sustaining a neck injury while competing in what would be his final match. So many other performers have had their careers end short such as Adam Copeland (Edge) and Bryan Danielson (known as Daniel Bryan in WWE) due to severe injuries. Others have died while performing such as Hijo del Perro Aguayo. Even if a full time wrestler is able to make it through without a career ending injury their quality of life can be very bad if they remain in the profession for too long.

2.) The ridiculous schedule of WWE performers

Two Big Reasons I No Longer Watch Professional WrestlingMultiple times on WWE programing it has been mentioned that their performers are on the road 300 days a year. The above image is of John Cena, the busiest performer of the past decade. Wrestling at least 4 days a week while doing other activities such as media, and traveling from city to city is shown to be exhausting just by the look on his face. This constant and strenuous schedule doesn't allow performers to properly heal and will lead to not only physical strain and injuries, but also strain relationships and on the mind of these performers.

There are many more reasons, but these are two of the major. I cannot in good conscience pay to watch these people be put through such a strenuous and excessively physically tolling lifestyle. If a lighter schedule and safer rings were implemented then I would be drawn back to the product. Time will tell if that ever occurs.


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  • Because no Sting... and no Sting...😟


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  • I used to be a big fan until all these new guys came along. Some of them are great like Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. But then you have Roman Regins who people now hate more than Cena. The reason people hate him is because he is related to The Rock and the Samoan wrestling bloodline. Because of. that WWE is shoving him down the fans throats rather than use better talent. Plus WWE released a bunch of guys just recently. It's getting to The point where they are phasing out their old workhorses for less impressive talent

    • Yes, I really hate that. They pick a guy like Cena or Regins. He always wins, loses the tittle, has a feud wins it back, repeat.

      And it is annoying, it feels unfair that just because the Rock made it so big, that is the reason his family has done well in the WWE. Other superstars don't get that chance.

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    • @Lostsoulman I really want to see him back, this. will probably be the first time anyone wants him back lol. At least in a long time. As much as some people hate him you have to admit he's what keeps WWE going.

    • I am not sure if you saw, He returned at Wrestlemania, the crowd went crazy. (Still injured though)

      Even Cena said in an interview, he was not expecting that.

      Well people hated him because he just kept winning, he got really boring.

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  • These are mostly wwe issues in other wrestling promotions they don't work their wrestlers as hard as vince does.

  • I thought it was dumb when I was about 7. Opinion hasn't changed.

  • Austin 3:16!

  • Those are your two reasons?

    Not lack of interesting story-lines? Keeping things fresh? Excitement? Losing guys like CM Punk? Repeating the same old stuff over and over again? Tons of talking, commercial and useless boring filler? High Roster turn over?


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