3 Games I Really Regret Buying in the Steam Summer Sale

Games I regret buying. Games not to buy in the steam summer sale.

Now after talking about 30 steam games I recommend for the steam summer sale, I want to talk about games that I do not recommend you buy even at a discount.

As I pointed out earlier, I have over 200 games on steam and while a lot of them are awesome games. There are also some I wish I didn't buy. Here are some of them.

1. Lucius

3 Games I Really Regret Buying in the Steam Summer Sale

I got suckered into buying this game based on the admittedly cool sounding premise. Its like the omen only the protagonist and PC is the satanic child. You go around murdering people around the house. However the execution is AWFUL. All the fun that this premise could offer goes right out the door with the bad gameplay and execution. DO NOT BUY LUCIUS.

2. Operation Flashpoint: Red River

3 Games I Really Regret Buying in the Steam Summer Sale

This game claims to be a tactical shooter and the sucessor to the original operation flashpoint games. HOWEVER, it feels more like they mixed Arma (The proper sucessor) and Battlefield mixed together and while I REALLY wanted to like this game. I did not. It also looks like shit but that is secondary. If you want a militarysim/tactical shooter, Buy Arma 2 and 3 BUT DO NOT BUY OPERATION FLASHPOINT: RED RIVER.

3. Sniper: Art of Victory

3 Games I Really Regret Buying in the Steam Summer Sale

I got this game in a pack with Sniper Ghost Warrior one and two. I advise against this game because it is definitely one of the worst games I have ever played. The voice acting is so terrible to the point of actually being irritating. There are bugs coming out of its ass but its the fact that this game is essentially unplayable that makes it so bad.

So you are a soviet sniper in WW2, you get a sniper and a silenced pistol, or at least I think its silenced because despite saying it is, the gun will alert people 200 feet away sometimes. The gun isn't a one shot kill on a headshot so it alerts the enemy. Then you have the absolutely AI. There are times where I shot a guard with my sniper rifle, twenty feet away while he was facing me and killed him and did not alert ANYONE.

There was also a time where I knifed a sentry overlooking a base, used it as a vantage point, then an enemy guard, at least 250 feet away and looking the complete opposite direction, somehow detected me, spun around and killed me with single bullet from HIS SUBMACHINE GUN.

Which you can also pick up the submachine guns, however you cannot pick up any additional ammo from the ground so you are left with the ammo in the gun, so yeah, you get like 3-5 shots with an MP-40, DO NOT BUY SNIPER: ART OF VICTORY.

If anyone has any games that you really don't recommend list them when you comment,

Have fun gaming people


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  • :0 i love steam i like team fortress 2 and smite xD


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  • Two Worlds 2 I bought on sale back in 2012... that's the first and last time I played that game.


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  • I will stay away from these gamaes


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