My Love/Hate Relationship With Video Games: 5 Reasons I Love Them, 5 Reasons I Hate Them

I would say, that video-games are my guilty pleasure indeed. I claim thatvideo games are for suckers and for twats if someone asks me, but if I happen to come across a guy who plays video-games I would like to have a conversation about them.

Anyway, why I love them:

(In alphabetical order)

1) Achievement

I know it might sound stupid but I feel satisfied when I see my percentage in some video game getting increased. It’s also an ego boost, but not the best kind of ego boost. There are better ego boosts out there, like hitting on girls for example.

2) Collector’s delight

A delight indeed, but bad for your pocket on the other hand. Unless you are super rich of course. Personally I have the collector’s bug since I was a kid, and in video games there are lots of video-games for each console to collect. But as I said, it’s a matter of money mostly.

3) Educative

Video games helped me a lot to improve my knowledge in English language. So if you are a non-English speaker, they can be really educative when you are young.

4) Good for the cold days in the winter.

It’s not pleasurable to go out in winter, especially in the night, so staying at home and playing some games is a nice time-killer.

5) Interesting Characters

Well, this happens on the RPG genre mostly. You are introduced to characters with unique personalities, something that helps you to keep your interest.

And why I hate them:

(In alphabetical order)

1) Addictive

I have a bad habit. When I start a video game, I want to finish it 100%. Hence, that’s why I avoid them, in order to not get stuck.

2) It’s expensive.

I don’t want to spend money on a new console or a new video game, so when I play I still play those I used to have as a kid.

3) It's nerdy

I don’t want to be occupied with a hobby that is considered nerdy by the majority of people. But it’s like one of the many things that we are ashamed to do/say in public, yet we do/say them when we are at home. Plus, I don’t want to develop a nerdy personality, and video-games help me to awake the nerd in me.

4) No pussy

The more you play, the less pussy you get. And that’s a fact. After all, 99% of actual gamers (this gamer chick label is just bullshit, because they are not actual gamers) are male.

5) They are against my claims.

If someone asks me what I think about video games, then I will say It’s only for suckers and for twats, as I said in the beginning. So I feel kinda guilty for being involved with something I was supposed to dislike.


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  • Only 2 of the reasons you hate them actually sound legit


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  • Well I have nothing against video games. I like some of them. But now I have no times for them 'cause of work. All I can play now is simple games like Zombie killer on . I wish I had more time.


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  • Pros of going the machinomic route:

    - Can be cheaper than hiring models / actors for concept art stills, and digital models won't pose the risks of a real model. Less all-around liability.

    - Can allow you to get around not knowing how to draw a particular scene from a particular angle particularly well.

    - Can introduce you to ideas for a story that you may not have had otherwise.

    - Encourage pragmatic design for OCs, for concept portability.

    - You control the time of day.

    - Since you're not hiring models, you aren't being accused of having sex with them either. Though, that won't stop third party a-holes from labeling you a sexual predator anyway - with zero evidence to back up their slander.


    - Graphics can become dated

    - Software may have bugs

    - Software updates may exceed hardware limitations

    - Software is expensive in its own right.

    - Hardware could fail at any time.

    - Your digital dolls can't give you recommendations on LinkedIn. And working with them will not improve your resume.

    - Software has a learning curve.

    - New generations require you to unlearn everything you previously learned.

    - Desired pose / animation may not exist in the correct format, requiring hours and hours of research to unlock as DLC.

    - Acquiring DLC requires negotiating with suppliers, which can be almost as much liability as hiring a model at a fraction the cost, depending on supplier terms and personality quirks.

    - 500% increase in hate mail from total strangers

    - Nobody to suggest better ideas, you are a slave of the limitations of your own imagination.

    - Even if you didn't mind the scandal from petty third parties, you can't date a digital OC. Won't stop said petty ones from labeling you a creepy predator for all the models you're NOT having sex with!

    - Women in real life will judge you harshly for your esoteric knowledge. But will turn around and f* a caveman who beats them half to death without thinking twice, and instantly forgive him.

    • Some more pros:

      - Costume design made easier. You don't have to learn to sew.

      - Digital mannequins are infinitely cheaper and more diverse than real ones.

  • I grew out of the "completionist" mentality, for the most part, though every once in a while a game comes along where I want to do absolutely everything. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Assassin's Creed Syndicate are two of the most recent but of course, it took a lot of time to do everything in these games, because I really only play about 10 hours a week on average. I have other interests as well, of course.

    I know everything there is to know about certain old games, back when I really wanted to get 100%. Final Fantasy Tactics, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Final Fantasy VII, and many other RPGs, for instance.

  • I do t get the last 1. Most people play video games. Most people aren't nerdy ass gamers, but a fuck load of people play video games

    • When did you manage to read it all? I posted it, just two minutes ago.

  • Gaming is part of me since 1988, it's getting better and better but this year things are just going WAY down south. expensive as hell, DLC everywhere and they don't deliver like they used to. I don't pre-order any games anymore. I wait for gameplay overall rating then i buy a game (don't care if am 2 weeks late or a year for buying a game).

  • I'm confused. I didn't realise anyone thought about video games this way. To me, they're just another passtime like reading books or watching movies! Why should they be any different? Why such a big deal?

    I'm sorry, but if you say they're "only for suckers and for twats", I'm gonna think of you as pretty darn immature.

  • Its expensive? Just download them from uTorrent lol.

  • Everyone and their mother plays video games...

  • download them from torrents and its not expensive anymore

  • No pussy ;_; :(

    Sooo damn true! Why? Just why...

  • I've played video games my whole life and a lot yet have never had a issues getting with a girl. In fact it's helped me get some p**** before...