15 Celebrities You May Or May Not Know Are Related

There's a lot of people in Hollywood and some of them it's public knowledge who they are related to, others you may see they have the same last name as another person in Hollywood and assume they are related. Some may be, some may not be. Either way, you sometimes end up shocked when you find out who's related to who ( I know I have been). So, I decided to compile a list of celebrities that I can't believe are related. Some, maybe an obvious "Duh! I already knew that" and some may not be. Either way, I hope you enjoy my list :)

1. Blythe Danner & Gwyneth Paltrow (Mother & Daughter)

Celebrities You May Or May Not Know Are Related

You may know Blythe from her role in the Meet The Parents Movies or possibly now for the commercials she does for a Osteoporosis medication called Prolia. Gwyneth you may know her for many reasons, be it her movies, cookbooks or the simple fact that she's the ex wife of Coldplay's lead singer Chris Martin. Either way, I never would have guess these two were mother and daughter. What about you?

2. Jon Voight & Angelina Jolie (Father & Daughter)

Jon is an actor, I don't know much about him or what movies he's been in but I have heard of him before. So, maybe you have too. Angelina, well I imagine by now everyone knows who she is. What might not be as known, is that these two are father and daughter. They certainly don't look like it, do they?

3. Goldie Hawn, Oliver and Kate Hudson (Mother & Siblings)

Goldie, was quite famous in her day (I believe) but if you know her for nothing else maybe you'd simply know her because of the longtime relationship she's been in with actor Kurt Russell. Oliver, has been in the CBS sitcom Rules of Engagement and the ABC music based drama Nashville. Kate, well she's been in many movies and been in relationships with two different rockers and had kids with both. How ever you know these three, you wouldn't automatically assume they are related, would you? It's hard to believe Goldie is Oliver and Kate's mom. And, that Oliver and Kate are brother and sister. You wouldn't know by looking at them.

4. Jayne Mansfield & Mariska Hargitay (Mother & Daughter)

Jayne, was quite the sex symbol (apparently, from what I've read) back in her time (which was the 50's, I believe). Mariska, well everyone knows her by now as Detective Olivia Benson on Law & Order:SVU. Looking at that picture though, you wouldn't even slightly guess they are mother & daughter, would you? Though, they are both stunning.

5. Eric & Julia Roberts (Brother and Sister)

I don't know much about Eric, accept that he's been in some television show's I watched and a few Lifetime movies as well. Julia, well she's been in quite a few movies and even does a perfume commercial. So, I'm sure she is known by now. What might not be as known, is that they are brother and sister, they certainly don't look like it do they? Another little fact for you, actress Emma Roberts is Eric Roberts daughter and thus making her Julia Roberts niece.

6. Rosanna, Patricia & David Arquette (Sisters and Brother)

Roseanna, I believe is an actress but the only thing I know about her was that she was in the music video for the band Toto's song Roseanna. Patricia, she was in the television show Medium and played Allison DuBois and was just recently in CBS drama CSI:Cyber. David, he's been in a few things but most notable would be the movie Scream or you may know him because he was married actress Courteney Cox.

However you know these three, to look at them and go "Oh, they are so totally siblings !". To me, that would be a little mind boggling, none of them look similar and Roseanna looks significantly older than David & Patricia combined. So, it's just hard to imagine. What do you think?

7. Melissa & Sarah Gilbert (Sisters)

Melissa played Laura Ingalls Wilder on the Little House on the Prairie. Sarah played Darlene Connor on the sitcom Roseanne and she's now on the CBS talk show called the Talk. So, you may know who they are as individuals but to look at them and peg them as sisters, well that's not very likely. It's hard to believe they are sisters, wouldn't guess it in a million years, would you?

8. Melissa & Jenny McCarthy (Cousins)

Melissa, is probably best known for her role as Molly in the CBS sitcom Mike & Molly. Jenny, well she's done many different things but I can't specifically tell you what she's most notably known for. What I can tell you though is, Melissa and Jenny are cousins. Despite the fact they have the same last name, I never would have guessed they were cousins. What about you?

9. Demi Lovato & Madison De La Garza (Half Sisters)

You either know Demi from the movies she did with the Jonas Brothers call Camp Rock or for her role in the Disney show Sonny with a Chance or maybe you simply now know her for her music. Madison, may be familiar to you or she may not but if you watched the television show Desperate Housewives than you'd recognize her right away. She played Juanita Solis the daughter of Eva Longoria's character Gabrielle Solis. No matter what though, I was surprised to find out they were half sisters. Being half sisters means they have one biological parent that is the same but to look at them it's not easy to tell they are half sisters. What do you think?

10. John & Jennifer Aniston (Father & Daughter)

John would be known for his role on the soap opera Day of Our Lives. Jennifer would be known either for her role as Rachel Green on Friends, her many movies she's been in or maybe even for the commercials she does for Aveeno. However you may know her and despite the fact you might not know him (unless you watched Days of Our Lives), it's hard to believe they are father and daughter. I know I was shocked to find out John was her dad, what about you?

11. Kirk & Candace Cameron (Brother & Sister)

Kirk played Mike Seaver on the Growing Pains. Candace played D.J. Tanner on Full House. So, you know them for that but could you really look at them and peg them for brother and sister? I couldn't.

12. David & Katie Cassidy (Father & Daughter)

David is none other than Keith Partridge himself from the Partridge Family. Katie would either be known for her role in the television mini series Harper's Island or her role in the remake of Melrose Place or maybe you know her for a different reason entirely. I don't know, but what I do know is I was totally shocked and my mind was blown when I found out Katie was David's daughter. I never would have guessed that one, how about you?

13. Naomi, Wynonna & Ashley Judd (Mother & Siblings)

Naomi and Wynonna are probably known for the fact that they are country music artists. Ashley is probably known for being a movie star. It's also probably obvious that Naomi and Wynonna are mother and daughter not just based on the similarities but because they've had many duets together. What might not be as obvious is that Ashley is apart of the Judd family. It's totally insane to me that Naomi is her mom and Wynonna is her sister, she looks like neither. What do you think?

14. Courtney Love & Francis Bean Cobain (Mother & Daughter)

Courtney is known mostly for her insane ranting's and maybe for the 90's band she was in called Hole. Francis Bean, well she's probably not known other then the fact that her last name is Cobain making her Kurt Cobain (Nirvana's Lead guy) daughter. It is public knowledge that Courtney and Kurt were a couple, so it's probably also public knowledge that Francis Bean is Kurt and Courtney's child together. However, to look at her and actually guess that Kurt is her father and even more unlikely to guess that Courtney is her mother, I can't see that happening. Francis Bean doesn't really resemble her mom, does she?

15. Elvis & Lisa Marie Presley

I don't think Elvis needs any introduction, he is the King of Rock N Roll after all. Lisa Marie also sings but you may more likely know her because she was in a relationship with Michael Jackson once. Much like the one above, it's probably public knowledge that Elvis was married to Priscilla Presley and that Lisa Marie is their daughter together. In this picture, Lisa Marie kind of does look like her dad but in other pictures I'm not so sure she does. Who do you think she resembles more, her mom or dad?

This concludes my take, if theirs anybody that you think should be on this list. Just let me know and please be sure to tell me what you think of this list. Do any of these people look related or not?

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  • I knew of kate Cassidy and david cassidy

    also of lisa marie and elvis :D

    all the others... I had no idea :D

    and I think i already knew Gwyneth Paltrow's mom from somewhere

    also john voight. but didn't see him as Angelina's dad

    ah and, of course, Emma Roberts... had no idea she was related to Julia :D

    • ah and demi lovato and the kid from desperate housewives lol... no i didn't know about it

      wasn't she eva longoria's daughter though? :P joking

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  • Great list. I knew some of them but not all.

    Anybody old enough to remember when Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie got married, and they had that ridiculously awkward kiss on TV? Maybe the biggest PR marriage stunt in celebrity history. :P

  • Katie Cassidy played Black Canary on Arrow blackgirlnerds.com/.../Katie-Cassidy-612x380_1.jpg

  • Thanks for posting. It's like a buzzfeed article, but isn't a slideshow for no dumb reason, and doesn't take an hour and a half to get through because of all the spam.

  • #8 surprised me, as it is a common surname.

  • You forgot about Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez, they're brothers.

  • Thank you for this

  • Lisa Marie has Elvis' jawline.
    Angelina Jolie must have made up with her father, he didn't speak to her for years after he found out Angelina was having sex with her brother.


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  • I liked this :) I didn't know Sara was sister to Laura from Little House on the Prairie, they really do look nothing alike.

  • Omg the little girl from desperate housewives is Demi Lovatos sister? I've been a huge fan of Desperate housewives and I never knew that lol.

  • Some look good after all these years

  • lisa presley is grand daughter? she looks just like him

  • Katey Sagal, Jean Sagal, & Liz Sagal (sisters)