My Top 5 Favorite Shows From The U.K.

My Top Five Favorite Shows From The U. K.

I'm afraid I'm going to be "dating" myself with a few of these... but I don't care. Still I encourage you to check these out when time permits. Off we go then:

Doctor Who- The Tennant years-

No offense to any other of the Doctors it's just David Tennant was great at it! He was a mix of every trait you wanted in a doctor. You laughed when he was being silly, making a Joke or even confused and bumbling along. He was intense when he got mad and when he was sad it looked like someone killed his puppy so you felt every bit of his sorrow. But most of all he was "Brilliant!"

Are You Being Served-

This was the first British show I ever watched. Back when the Brits where confined to PBS in this country. It was about one floor of a department store, it's employees and the mischief they got up to. It was also the first time I saw the "Gay" stereotype on T.V. and back before I knew what gay was. Mr. Humphries was just the funniest guy on the show. It also marked the first time I found out the British had a sense of humor.

Black Books-

I had no idea of this show until an Aussie friend pointed it out. I loved Shaun of The Dead but couldn't tell you anything about the guy who played "David." Since then I found out Dylan Moran is a wonderful stand up comic and this show was his masterpiece! Imagine an Irish guy who doesn't want to work, smokes like a chimney, drinks all the time and is a complete slob, owning a Bookstore...That is "Bernard Black" and should you wander into his bookstore don't be surprised if he kicks you out for some invented reason.

The Dave Allen Show-

It's hard to say who came first Allen or Carlin. I like to think they they're two halves of of the same coin. But unlike George, Dave went on to become "God's Favorite Atheist" and had a sketch show that often went after the Catholic Faith. In fact I would say that if you claim you are Atheist and haven't heard of Dave Allen you are a pretender at best! Do yourself a favor and YouTube him.

Monty Python's Flying Circus-

The Best for Last. Python was all over the place and nothing was taboo. Funny and Bizarre at the same time. I honestly know of no friend of mine who does not know Python and does not quote them. In my case Python was passed on to me from my Grandfather and Father. So I am very familiar with their work so I would be hard pressed to name a favorite scene and/or bit. I would suggest the Argument Clinic and The Undertaker skits.

That's about it and now for something completely different....

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  • Sorry but I only liked the older Top Gear. I've ""heard of", Dr. Who and Monty Python... but it did interest me enough to watch.

  • Good list mine would include the office, the inbetweeners and spaced.

  • I have to say, " Peaky Blinders "


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