Top 5 Irish TV Shows to Ever Air

Having lived in Ireland for many years, I have liked and disliked many TV shows that have been showed on the telly (as they call it here). Coming from a country that has a drastically different TV culture, I found Irish TV to be a bit dull initially and to some extent still do. Watching Irish TV shows can be a bit like eating vegetables. Can be bland or boring. When it's bad it's fucking bad, but when you find the right one, boy I'm telling you it's a class one.

It's quite frustrating at first when I arrived in Ireland as non-cable channels are very few here. This means the amount of shows I can watch are very few. Ireland doesn't have much of a big industry of making shows or TV series compared to other countries such as the UK.

Anyway here's the list.

No. 5

Après Match

Top 5 Irish TV Shows to Ever Air

A comedy show usually only shown after Irish football matches on the international level such World Cup and European Championship. They make parodies of the footballing sports pundits. Started in 1996, it has since accustomed to many, to watch Après Match after a football match.



Top 5 Irish TV Shows to Ever Air

A series that shows top documentaries about world affairs. It is narrated in Gaelic for the Irish speakers but it is also subtitled in English. As someone who enjoys documentary, it's always a worth to watch what they are showing.


The Savage Eye

Top 5 Irish TV Shows to Ever Air

Starring David McSavage as the main man. This comedy show uses satire, exaggeration and dark humour as the main punch to present its comedic value to the audience

The show itself has a unique format. Like this MyTake, it uses ''top 5'' reasons to answer different kinds of exaggerated ridiculous questions about the Irish society, also giving a social commentary. Connecting the Irish history in attempt to answer these questions.

As an example, in each episode different questions are attempted to be answered such as the following.

''Why are the Irish so ugly'' ?

''Why is Ireland the unhealthiest nation in Europe'' ?

Then the top 5 (sometimes number changes) reasons for all the questions rolls in in a form of skit using satire on religion, politics, and colonialism by the British, Irish mentality and so on. One by one. The two most common reasons are

Reason 1 - The British Rule

This segment usually ridicules the British empire and how it got the Irish ugly through being associated with the interbreeding of the British monarchy as an example in the 'Why are the Irish so ugly' episode.

Reason 2 -The Catholic Church

Usually pokes fun at the failures of the church and child sexual abuses and how it contributed to the questions.

No. 2

The Podge and Rodge Show

Top 5 Irish TV Shows to Ever Air

A night talk show that ran from 2006 to 2010 featuring two puppets named Podge and Rodge. To be honest I don't really watch the talking bit, like the interviews. I wouldn't have included this in the list if it weren't for their segment of ''A Scare at Bedtime''. It was a must watch every night back then.

Here's a clip of one of the episodes:

No. 1

Father Ted

Top 5 Irish TV Shows to Ever Air

An Irish sitcom that ran from 1995 - 1998. Father Ted follow the lives of three Roman Catholics priests in a parish in an isolated remote place called Craggy island after being banished there for wrong doings in the past. It parodies the many aspects of the Catholic Church, often jokes about the hypocrisy and child sexual abuses cases in Church. Apart from that, it sometimes parodies movies such as the Hollywood blockbuster movie Speed.

It has since become an icon in Irish TV watched by many more generations of people. It is one of the first Irish shows I've ever watched. It's a comedy gold due to the clever use of jokes, perfect chemistry between the cast and delivery of the sitcom by the actors.

Some argue that Father Ted is not Irish but British since it was broadcast in Channel 4 and made by a UK production company. However most of the writers, cast and crew were Irish so It's an Irish show.

Top 5 Irish TV Shows to Ever Air


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