Call of Duty vs. Battlefield: My Take on the Ongoing Battle

As many of us will know and have noticed over the years, the Call Of Duty franchise has been in decline for sometime now, losing its competitive traction and popularity among its current and previous fans due to poor releases "Call of Duty: Ghosts" most notably, and a lack of new direction for the franchise. It's constantly sticking with the space age/futuristic theme that many fans have become tired off and bored with, quite frankly. Which leads to a further point, the recent Infinite Warfare trailer and its en mass dislikes that flooded in upon release, which weren't exactly surprising considering the Call of Duty franchise chose to ignore the massive demand for backscaling the CoD theme back to the World War II era that fans so desperately wanted.

Currently, the Infinite Warfare trailer sits at 29,696,215 views with 3 million dislikes to 478,577 likes, in addition to taking up the place of the #2 most disliked video on YouTube, only surpassed for the #1 place by Justin Bieber's Baby music video. I'm sure now its safe to say the Call Of Duty franchise knows they have pissed off a lot of their fans for ignoring their wishes to backscale the games theme to a WWII.

In comparison with the Battlefield 1 release (currently has been announced to be set in the World War I era) , which encompassed the wishes of FPS shooter fans to return to an older theater of war for the theme of the game: The Battlefield 1 reveal trailer sits at 41,688,448 views with 1,910,763 likes to 35,434 dislikes. I think the community's response at least on the numerical side is rather telling and a testament to the fact many people were becoming sick and tired with the space age/futuristic theme and wanted something fresh. It also goes to show, when you listen

to your fans/ make games based off what they want, it certainly pays off.


What are your thoughts on the ongoing & current competition/ states of the 2 franchises? (the Battlefield and Call Of Duty franchises)


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  • Call of Duty has, perhaps unfairly, become synonymous with 'overrated' these days. There is a structural problem with them, I think. People are still playing DOOM, the original DOOM from 1993 - it has an extremely dedicated community. They're still playing M. U. L. E from 1983, it has a just as dedicated community. Hundreds of people are still playing Street Fighter II from 1991 on fightcade.

    No one is playing the Call of Duty game released last fucking year. You know what I mean? I was really excited about that sci-fi Call of Duty game, with the double jump. Advanced Warfare? Whatever one - I can't tell the difference. I was really into it. And I was about to buy it, but I asked around about the multiplayer first. The multiplayer is a tomb. Everyone bought the next one already. And the next game was significantly worse; a regression in deisgn, and it had massive problems. Critically panned. But everyone was playing that one instead. Because, I don't know, marketing, or something. I don't really know why.

    The point is: I usually don't play a game until its like five years old and the price has come down because I'm not in the economic bracket where I can afford videogames at retail price. Being a competitive player of Call of Duty has an associated cost that is untenable, and grants access to a community that is constantly disappearing. DOOM is free, M. U. L. E. is free, and they have communities older than me. I just don't really know how triple-A FPS justify theselves these days.

    • DooMguy's mind = blown lauramarx is back after about 1 year

      + 1 for shock value

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    • @DooMguy hehehe, I don't know if I'm back for good exactly. I should give you my twitter or something; I have missed you tremendously. Who was the other follower?

      Hmmm, as for barfights, not really. It's been a very quiet year - turning inward and growing, you know? Not much has changed. I am learning to make videogames now, though, you might be interested in that. We should make a 'doom clone' someday

    • eh? So you're here on business kinda thing? About that. . . DooMguy. . . DooMguy has never used twitter, the social media places, I never really go there. The follower I got back is TakeMaker, she's back for good I think (this makes it her 3rd account)

      you know I was actually going to ask if you missed me, you're borderline psychic

      I get you, self reflection, that kinda thing. Sitting and listening to soul searching music (Veridis Quo, William Alone - angel city etc.)

      Sounds good to me, DooMguy would be a play tester no doubt about that but actually using the tools etc. I don't know about that. I have thought about modding though, just haven't had time to seriously get into it (I did make some minor cosmetic mods in doom, except I did it the wrong way)

      Maybe one day you'll join an indie team

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  • Battlefield BC2 on PC is probably the best 'casual' shooter experience I've ever had. I think better than BF2 itself which was legendary. Its a simple things like bullet drop which make it so much more immersive and satisying when you can land long range aimed shots with an M14. Really its down to whether you want the full arcade or slightly more realistic experience.

    ARMA3 smashes them both if you want an even more realistic game.

    • I want to try the ARMA games, esp the Day Z mod. But I don't game nearly as much as I used to.

    • @Barrabus_the_Free i really want to try them also, my PC sucks though (sad face)

    • Yeah ARMA requires some hardware to feel it. Especially sound, I've never been to war but i imagine it must be terrifying when you're being shot at, you hear roughly where it's coming from but cannot pinpoint it, thats ARMA for ya.

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  • Call of Duty Ghosts sold over a billion. Not too shabby. Not to mention, Battlefield 4 stumbled pretty badly too.

    As someone who has played through a lot of Call of Duty, and did play through Battlefield 3... I say Call of Duty wins. Graphics are better, mechanics are better... and focus. I get it, Battlefield is about online games. But a ton of us still love campaign and stories.

    Why does Call of Duty win? Because Battlefield 3 has online battles... but it has NOTHING to compare with the impact of moments like this.

    or this.

    Everyone who has played through a Call of Duty Modern Warfare game, or Ghosts, walked away remembering names. I played through Battlefield 3 and only remembered the main character's name because of Black Hawk Down.

    • The graphics are Better on call of duty, lol did i read that correctly bro , lulz *face palm*

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    • That surely has to be satire because battlefield 3 had far superior graphics , battlefield games are famed for their superior graphics

    • At least among Battlefield fanboys, right?

  • CoD has better campaign; Battlefield has FAR superior multiplayer. Playing CoD online is why it took until 2008 or so before I'd play online multiplayer anything.

    I also dislike GoD's gameplay. It's irksome to put an entire magazine from a rifle into someone, then while you're reloading they hit you once with a pistol and you die. In Battlefield, *generally* when you get hit, you go down.

    The players are different, too. CoD is mostly children and children in adult bodies. Battlefield USUALLY has a better crowd of players. Just like XBox and PlayStation. XBox is the CoD of consoles. I had a regular XBox and a 360, and between the players and Micro$oft knowingly putting bad chips in the 360 (i went through 3 consoles before I said Fuck it) , I won't buy any more Micro$oft consoles.

    CoD is best when its WW2. Battlefield is best when its modern, tho I'm willing to give 1 a try.

    • yeah i agree, the call of duty campaign's are cetainly quite something, id even argue the old ones (COD WAW and MW2) are superior to anything battlefield has come up with so far (excluding the bad company's). One of the main reasons that made be switch to battlefield was because of the mass degrading of the call of duty community and player base, it used to have normal players of all ages now it just feels to much like a creche full of arrogant and cocky kids just there to trash talk, as i gave battlefield a shot after leaving Call of duty the mature playerbase, teamworking attitude and general good sportsmanship (less trash talking and arrogant/cocky little kids) would be certainly why i have never looked back since switching over.

    • oh yeah also i used to have an xbox 360 aswell and i got banned for life for modding my avatars hair colour to bright green, i mean really wtf pathetic much? lol , i had over £500 worth of games on demand and dlc, map packs etc... (esp on the games on demand side because i never use to buy discs i would just buy them straight from the store) so i was rather pissed to say the least, been rocking sony ever since. microsoft blows

  • I trusted you CoD :'(

    Honestly, BF1 looks better, seriously. But hey, we can buy both and enjoy ✌

  • Yeah battlefield has been doing ally better lately. Especially since you can drive helicopters and tanks.

  • All this talk about boyfriend and COD... what about Halo? lol

  • Yea but cod hit 3 million dislikes cause there was this huge troll movment to dislike the video
    People are still going to buy the game regardless but with the cod four remake coming with it ill orob be spending all my time on that not the new one lol
    Hopefully bf1 os going to be good
    Im looking forward to bothbgames because in all honesty they are both just mediocre shooters games to me and i dont put too much thoughtninto them while buying
    But i enjoy them so ill still buy cod or boyfriend regardless of the era the game is set i

  • the witcher 3 fucks them all

  • I don't know people were REAAAALLLY pissed off about Battlefield 4. So much so that they faced legitimate lawsuits for how terribly bad they had been with the game...

    Both of them are kind of dying off. Late 00s early 2010s was when fps was at it's peak.

    • ^^ altho I'd say FPS was at its peak 1993-1994 (the late 00s doesn't have any equivalently bold exploration of the medium as with games like Descent, System Shock or Space Hulk, for example; in the early 90s the FPS genre seemed to offer videogames a renaissance, the spark of which has never really been re-approached)

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