8 of the Most Recognizable Actor/Actress's Physical Trademarks

1. Kate Bosworth, heterochromia iridum (born with it)

2. Sammy Davis Jr., glass eye (car accident)

3. Harrison Ford, facial scar (car accident)

4. Tina Fey, facial scar (attacked with a knife by a stranger)

5. Tommy Flanagan, 'Glasgow smile' cheek scars (attacked with a knife by a stranger)

6. Joaquin Phoenix, scarred lip (born with it)

7. Owen Wilson, crooked nose (not known, speculated football and fights)

8. Sylvester Stallone, paralyzed lip (born with it, partial paralysis of his face)

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  • I think different-colored eyes is one of the coolest looks ever.

  • Nice one. I suspected tina fey had a weird smile sometimes, but never actually noticed the scar :o interesting


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