10 Cop Comedies Your Girlfriend Will Have To Watch With You (And Maybe Enjoy)

While Trust may be the most important key to a good relationship, a shared Humor is a close second. That being said, this list started out as an Action Comedy list to counter this list 10 Rom Coms but as I was finishing it I realized it was more of a Buddy Cop list so I modified it accordingly.

Beverly Hills Cop

Hot Fuzz

48 Hours

Tango and Cash

Rush Hour


Bad Boys

Running Scared

Lethal Weapon

Red Heat

These are just a few of the Comedies that I have enjoyed watching with my Girlfriends over the years. And I would recommend watching them anytime. Still it's not considered torture if you love the girl...right?? Enjoy!

FYI: I didn't put 21 Jump Street on the list because I grew up watching the show. And that movie was a Huge let down to the original fans, even with the cameos.

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  • Love Hot Fuzz and like Rush Hour.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I refuse to date a girl who says she doesn't like Beverly Hills Cop. It's like saying she doesn't like The Princess Bride... something must be wrong with her. :P

    Tango & Cash gets a bad rap, too, and I've always liked it. Dumb as dirt but still all in good fun, and worth seeing (whether you're male or female).

    Lethal Weapon is definitely more of a guy movie but you might get a woman to like it... girls tend to like a young Mel Gibson, anyway. ;) Bad Boys and Rush Hour are just plain fun, too.

    • I've honestly run into quite a few people who have no knowledge of The Princess Bride which isn't as bad as the two girls who didn't know Pink Floyd.

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  • Man those are all some great movies!
    Great Take! and I didn't know 21 Jump Street had a show too... I'll check it out

  • Beverly Hills Cops is one of my all time favorites.


  • Zootopia should be on your list it's pretty funny.


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