Americas Next Top Model Runners-Up! Are They Really a Runner-Up or Should They Have Won?

I just put a similar take like this together about the winners, now I'm going to focus on the runners-up. Same things I said in the beginning of that take, apply here too. I just want see if you think they deserved the runner-up title or if they should have been the winner.

*Note again, due to the picture limit runners-up from cycles 21 & 22 will not be pictured but will be named.

Let's start.

1. Shannon Stewart, Franklin OH (Cycle 1 Runner-Up)

Americas Next Top Model Runners-Up! Are They Really a Runner-Up or Should They Have Won?

2. Mercedes Scelba-Shorte, Valencia CA (Cycle 2 Runner-Up)

3. Camara "Yaya" DeCosta, Harlem NY (Cycle 3 Runner-Up)

4. Kahlen Rondot, Broken Arrow OK (Cycle 4 Runner-Up)

5. Erica "Nik" Pace, Atlanta GA (Cycle 5 Runner-Up)

6. Joan Ann "Joanie" Dodds, Beaver Falls PA (Cycle 6 Runner-Up)

7. Melissa Rose "Melrose" Bickerstaff, San Francisco CA (Cycle 7 Runner-Up)

8. Natalya "Natasha" Galkina, Dallas TX (Cycle 8 Runner-Up)

9. Chantal Jones, Austin TX (Cycle 9 Runner-Up)

10. Anna "Anya" Kop, Honolulu HI ( Cycle 10 Runner-Up)

11. Samantha Potter, Woodland Hills CA (Cycle 11 Runner-Up)

12. Allison Harvard, New Orleans LA (Cycle 12 Runner-Up)

13. Laura Kirkpatrick, Stanford KY (Cycle 13 Runner-Up)

14. Raina Hein, Minnetonka MN (Cycle 14 Runner-Up)

15. Chelsey Hersley, Boise ID (Cycle 15 Runner-Up)

16. Molly O'Connell, Charleston SC (Cycle 16 Runner-Up)

17. Allison Harvard, New Orleans LA (Cycle 17 Allstars Runner-Up)

18. Laura Lafrate, Scotia NY (Cycle 18 Runner-Up)

19. Kiara Belen, Las Vegas NV (Cycle 19 Runner-Up)

20. Marvin Cortes, Bronx NY (Cycle 20 Runner-Up)

*Runners-Up Not Pictured:

Will Jardell, Nederland TX (Cycle 21 Runner-Up)


Mame Adjei, Silver Spring MD (Cycle 22 Runner-Up)

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  • I don't know anything about models, but as of these photos, Natalya Galkina is the prettiest and Erica Pace is the hottest.


What Girls Said 2

  • You know what would've helped?
    If you put runner ups next to the ones that won... And some of their best photos, so we could maybe answer this one...

    • Then I would have been over the limit if I did that, there's 22 cycles and that would be more pictures then we are allowed to up on here in a my take. I couldn't even fit the full 22 as it is.

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    • That's kind of what this was.

    • Oh... Well... visually friendlier way might've been more comprehensible.
      But hey, everyone does it differently.

  • They actually look better than the people who won