5 Reasons Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is More Than Just Fan Fiction

I was hesitant to read something that expanded the Harry Potter universe, but wasn't written by JK Rowling. However, I did it anyway and discovered it actually adds a lot to the story in it's own right. Sure, it's story was created by her and it's canon (officially part of the universe as opposed to fan fiction which is only part of the author's conception of Rowling's universe.) Here are some reasons to jump back in with this play.


Most people on GAG have clear mommy and daddy issues. Seeing their beloved Harry Potter inflict psychological wounds on his own son not only continues the semi-realistic portrait of human experience that the original novels created, but takes them into a harsher realism than before. Albus is not the son Harry wanted and not the son we wanted Harry to have. Malfoy's child pays for the sins of his father and family and legacy of the death eaters. It fills in the gap that a story about an orphan left open--what does being someone's son or daughter mean in the context of growing up in this world?


Ron has virtually no purpose in this play except to be comic relief and that's perfect. Even when he chimes in with useful bits its really just a repetition of conclusions already made by other characters so it feels like he's somewhat involved. Because the story moves so fast and has such little detail, Ron's well-timed humor helps us have fun during the more serious parts of the story. He's just a treat.


I don't think it's much of a secret that Cursed Child deals a lot with time travel. Yes, it's sort of a cheap way of getting all of the characters, even the dead ones, involved in the story, but what it does is answer questions. Even more interesting, the fact that characters visit themselves means that, in effect, they were always there watching themselves the whole time even while we were reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for instance. I don't know about you, but it's cool to think about how time travel works in that context.


Harry Potter stories might deal with some serious stuff for children. It raises a lot of philosophical points and questions. Yet, the power to me is really in the story telling itself. It's whimsical and escapist. It makes you want to be at Hogwarts more than anything and this play achieves that same immersion even if the Queen didn't write it herself.


Even though Harry is WAY older now, he's still easily the most interesting most sympathetic character of the play. This is because he possesses a larger than life bravery that inspires us all. He'd do anything for anyone. Yes, there aren't many real life people that resemble Harry Potter's personality or spirit. Yes, Draco Malfoy, the conflicted pretty boy who probably should have ended up with Hermoine is much more relatable to people you meet in everyday life.

And yes, Albus Potter is a much more relatable hero because he's not just naturally good at everything he does like Harry was. But, Harry is still the one you want to read and watch do anything because he is just such a terrific character. I say this all to say that although JK says this is the last time she will allow the series to be touched--i think this play will prove to the world that Harry has a million more stories in him and even though he's no longer a child, he can still fascinate and excite us. He can still cast a spell.

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  • I'm looking forward to reading this. I pre-ordered it, so I am just waiting for it to come in the mail. I don't care about spoilers, so I've been reading up on it. I am glad to see what I've read so far. I was worried that they'd go down the route that a lot of fanfiction writers do, and put Albus, Rose and Scorpius in Gryffindor together. I am so happy to see that Albus is put in Slytherin and befriends Scorpius. I like the idea of the time travel too. I hope my book comes this week. I was so tempted to just buy a copy because there are a lot of copies in the store down the street from me, and then just sell the extra copy, but I'll wait.


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  • So it's less than fan fiction? That was my interpretation of this post.


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  • This sequel sounds really interesting! I want a copy now srsly.

    • Why does harry hate his kid? I read the wiki but it's still confusing. All his kid wanted was to be friends with Draco's son. And why is Slytherin so bad?

    • more frustrated with himself that he doesn't understand his own son, but also he feels like Albus at least has a dad and isn't even nice to him/always complaining about his famous father whereas Harry would have given anything to know his dad

    • I saw that scene! I thought albus' response was so cute... and true. He said to harry he just wished he had a different dad. I thought that was a great point honestly, and a good answer to that kind of answer that harry gave.

      Is Scorpius voldemort's son and so they're in the evil slytherin? But why's it evil?

  • <3 <3 Loved the post!

  • Who wrote Harry Potter and the Cursed Child?

    • JK Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany are the authors.

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    • @ieshaahmed786 bro, it literally says a new play by Jack Thorne THE STORY is by the three of them like they came up with what happens in the story together but THE WRITING is Jack Thorne. If she wanted to write it she would have. She wrote the script for Fantastic Beasts herself so it's not that she only writes in novel form

  • Why would draco deserve to be with hermoine?

    • they would have the best relationship because she inspires him to choose the good over the darkness he was born into being. He gives her depth by inspiring her towards breaking out of the confines of her shell. It's also a formerly racist (against nonmagical parentage) with someone he formerly hated only because of what his family taught him to believe in. Ron is probably more realistic as the fumbling husband married to a woman much smarter and more beautiful than he is (talking about ron not about rupert grint who i'm aware a lot of girls think is hot) so yeah that stuff

  • Now I want to read it. It sounds like a good book to read. I have daddy issues so I think I can relate to the story.


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  • Ehh, I only managed to get through four harry potter books got boring as shit.

  • Movie?

    • what are you asking?

    • Is there a movie?

    • nope not yet. There's a play that just started 5 days ago. I think there's a good possibility they'll make a movie out of it. Almost seems more like a movie than a play