5 Classic Films Hollywood Would Ruin with Remakes

These are five classic films that I enjoy, that I hope Hollywood does not remake. I sometimes wonder if Hollywood uses "franchise killers" on purpose.

1. Johnny Belinda (original 1948)

To be fair, this movie was remade twice but it was made for TV. I am hoping that they never remake it again.

2. Matilda

3. Gone With the Wind

4. Twelve Angry Men

5. Clue

This movie would actually make a good remake depending on how its done, but knowing Hollywood they would ruin it by casting people because they are well known, not because of talent.




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What Guys Said 2

  • I don't know if I would consider Clue a classic

  • Matilda with Danny Devitto is not exactly considered a classic film.


What Girls Said 1

  • Hollywood has already ruined many movies AND tv shows. Im a little surprised no one has decided to remake Gone With The Wind. I think if anyone tried there would be a petition and a lot of negative comments online everywhere. Hollywood is simply out of ideas and just wants to make money. They no longer care about talent, its all about money thats why everything from Ghostbusters to A Nightmare On Elm Street have been remade. A famous title will make the money they desperately need/want.