15 Songs Where the Lyrics Still Remain a Mystery

I google occasionally, but no results for those songs yet. I catch a few words here and there, but I don't have the complete lyrics. If someone is eager to help, I would be glad.

(In alphabetical order)

1) All The Way by Balance (1982)

2) Blue Town by Streets (1983)

3) Brief Encounter by Airrace (1984)

4) Bye Bye Baby by Billy Satellite (1984)

5) Explorer Suite by New England (1980)

6) Good Morning America by Charlie (1981)

7) I'm On My Way by Roadmaster (1979)

8. Into The Night by Dakota (1984)

9) Missing The Young Days by Jean Beauvoir (1986)

10) Once A Rebel by Russ Ballard (1985)

11) Rock It Tonight by The Strand (1980)

12) The Lady Knows Best by Airborne (1979)

13) Tinseltown by Tony Carey (1984)

14) Wear White by Channel (1984)

15) White Fury by Winter's Reign (1987)


Most Helpful Guys

  • Are you kidding me? Most of these songs are extremely obvious.

    "I want to go all the way with you" that is not even cryptic. Are you a virgin by chance?

    • No I am not. How is this related?

      And I mean the full lyrics, not just a phrase.

  • You can type into Google: (artist) (song) lyrics. It has the lyrics for every song.


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