Why You Shouldn't Try to Write the Next "Lord of the Rings"

Alright, so this is my first myTake, so it probably won't look so great, but here we go!

It the past few years, there have been multiple attempts from authors everywhere to make the next "Lord of the Rings." It's a big accomplishment if you can pull it off, but very few people ever will. I'm not trying to crush anyone's dreams or anything, but it's not something most people can do. If you think you have what it takes, then by all means, write that novel! But so many people have tried over the years that the idea of it has just gotten old.

I'm a big fantasy novel fan, so books based on LoTR are probably going to be the kind of book I enjoy. The Inheritance Cycle, by Christopher Paolini are amazing books, and I highly recommend them. They were based on LoTR quite a bit, but they turned out really good. I'm not saying that if you try to make the next LoTR that your story will suck, but lots of fantasy novels have the same basic plot points.

The problem with all of these fantasy novels claiming to be the next LoTR is that most of the story ideas are all similar to each other. I mean, if something works, why not use it? But is a little originality too much to ask for? Make something new that will stand out! And aiming high isn't a bad thing, but if you have a good idea, then write it! If you don't think many people will enjoy it, then write it anyway! Popularity isn't what's important, finishing the task you've set before you is. Creating your story is an amazing thing, and if you have one, just write it! Even if you never publish it, congratulations! You just did something many people never do.

Don't set out to make the next LoTR. In doing so, you're not standing out, you're just blending in with all the other "next LoTRs." Write your own story, and set out to finish it, no matter how popular.Remember, the Eye is ever watchful!


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  • I read the LotR and it looks like a bible. The guy pretty much created his own history, its fuckin genius


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  • books were excellent, films overrated.