7 Reasons Why Young People Today Don’t Know How To Listen To Music

Unfortunately, this decade's youth (Aged 15-30), has a wrong impression about what music is. Thankfully there are exceptions, but the majority are as I describe below.

(In alphabetical order)

1) Artists Nowadays Are Not As Good As The Older Ones

7 Reasons Why Young People In Our Days Don’t Know How To Listen To Music

They lack the artistry older artists had. They had real love for music, and they were putting their heart and soul when they were making an album. Now they only care about being rich and famous and getting all the chicks, putting music afterwards. After all, young people seems like, they have low standards when it comes to music, so current artists don’t put much effort either in order to fulfill their standards. Of course there was crap in older days too, but less crap than nowadays for sure!

2) Artists Promote Their Music Via The Internet

7 Reasons Why Young People Today Don’t Know How To Listen To Music

Those artists most young people listen to, tend to promote the music via their Social Media accounts, which is the wrong way to promote your music. It goes against the tradition. Decades ago, artists had to go on tour, in order to promote their new album, and play the songs live. Now, they just post in their Social Media accounts, Hey, listen to our new single here. That’s definitely the wrong way to promote your music.

3) Downloading

7 Reasons Why Young People Today Don’t Know How To Listen To Music

Because of the Downloading, the magic of discovering music was lost. When you had to go to a store, buy a couple of albums, then listen to them at your home, and see if the rest of the album is as good as the single you listened to on the radio. Well, it might be hypocritical for me to say this, because I have downloaded songs too as well…still, the Downloading thing is Double-Edged. Because of this, access to music is much easier for the masses, but obviously bad for the artists themselves.

4) Mobiles In Concerts

7 Reasons Why Young People Today Don’t Know How To Listen To Music

This thing destroyed the traditional way music should be listened too. First of all you don’t enjoy the full concert, and secondly the videos you shoot with your mobile are really low quality. So why bother? Back in the day, there was a cameraman who was shooting the whole concert, and then it was released into a VHS form (if it was some big gig). Not to mention the silly thing many young people do, to hold the mobiles in the air during a Power Ballad. No, you were supposed to hold a lighter, silly.

5) Not Listening To Full Albums

Back in the day, people used to buy full records, and listen to the whole of them. Now because of easier access to music (see Downloading), young people tend to listen only the hits, without bothering listening to full albums. But let’s be honest here, artists nowadays use fillers for non-singles, whilst back in the day they put some effort to make good non-singles for the albums. This plainly happens, because they know young people in our days, don’t listen to full albums.

6) Playlists

7 Reasons Why Young People Today Don’t Know How To Listen To Music

Highly related, with what I said above about the fact they don’t listen to full albums. That’s a huge reason actually. Playlists destroyed the way music should be listened to. They just add various artists into one playlist and they listen to them. That’s actually wrong, because it has no proper sequence unlike an album. And this sequence has a meaning actually. There is a reason why the tracks are placed in a certain order, in one album.

7) They Don’t Listen To Music From The Years Before They Were Born

7 Reasons Why Young People Today Don’t Know How To Listen To Music

It’s really sad that most young people don’t, and they only know the classic hits from the old days. I can’t relate with their musical tastes, because I listen to -almost exclusively- music released before the year I was born (1991), so unfortunately I don’t have much in common with them. Anyway, it’s sad that they don’t bother searching for the older stuff, because they are missing what we call Real Music.


Most Helpful Girls

  • Last I checked I listen to music with my ears... am I still doing it wrong? But seriously I get what you're saying. I actually am into a variety of music, lot of them making music before I was born, stuff like Johnny Cash, Grateul Dead, Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, Slade, Sweet, Atomic Rooster - the list goes on.

    • Thumbs Up for Slade mostly!

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    • I haven't, I'll definitely have to check those out! And ah the 80s has a lot of brilliant music

    • Thanks for MHO

  • I never understood how people could take YouTubing serious (before that, Myspace). Before these platforms existed, people actually had to have the talent and have the right people hear their music. Now it's all about YouTube and subscribers which to me is so juvenile, and I never hear much good from it. Just decent amateur stuff, but nothing I think would get signed.

    Then I wonder how no-talent like Britney Spears gets away with having virtually no vocal skills (over use of vocal fry, inability to stay in tune), and a cracker-jack producer just fixes these things with million dollar mixing equipment. If it's okay to just sound bad, why don't we all just throw our hat in and make music. Any producer can make someone sound great in the end.

    I like the fact I started concert-going in 1988. I saw Robert Plant, only eight years after Zeppelin ended. It's my way of thinking about how close I was to those magical years of real music and real talent watching him live back then. :)

    • I've seen a lot of garbage on Youtube, it's shitty because everyone thinks they're amazing.

Most Helpful Guys

  • 5. Back in the day, there was a thing called the Singles Chart. You could go into a record store and there'd be an entire section of 45s with the top hits on them. They only had one song per side (hence the name)

    • Yes indeed, but still it was more common to listen to albums than just singles. The albums sold more.

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    • That's true, I wanted to skip some tracks by the first listen... but after some time I learned to appreciate those tracks.

    • That's what shuffle does for me... I will be working on something else with the music playing and because I am not consciously skipping the track, I hear it and sometimes gain an appreciation for it.

  • They don't make music like they used to either though. Not that some of it isn't good still, but very very different and mostly not in a good way.


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What Girls Said 7

  • 1. Have you heard EVERY artist out there today? I doubt it. Unless you're going around and yanking the headphones out the ears of everyone you see I doubt you know what they listen to, the Top 20 doesn't count. Most people have like stuff that spans WIDELY beyond that stuff. It's astounding that people think that young people actually ONLY listen to that. Come on, we are smarter than that.
    2. Welcome to the 21st century. We had radios, we had tv, we are onto the internet now. That's how artists get noticed, maybe some ones you would REALLY like but haven't given a chance.
    3. Apples music, Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud, it goes on and on. Sorry people are not willing to waste money on an album they might hate. You can still discover music, it's just on a screen and not a disc.
    4. You know people who use their phones are made fun of at concerts, right? That doesn't really effect you, I mean, they're not deaf. I don't think not using a lighter hurts anybody, I mean, it's probably a lot safer. If people miss out on the concert they paid for, that's kinda their own fault.
    5. This really just depends on the person and artist. There is no RIGHT way to listen to music, I mean, what's it to you? You said the music sucked already, so if you were right, why would we listen to the whole thing? Music doesn't go anywhere, they can listen to the whole thing in their own time. We have the power to listen to ANY song when we want.
    6. Okay but a lot of people make playlist for themselves or significant others, and that sequence may be perfect for them. That's a silly thing to get your panties in a bunch over. If you don't like playlist, don't listen to them.
    7. Incorrect. I grew up on R&B and doo wop. I love it. Just because they don't listen to your 80s classic rock doesn't mean they aren't listening to anything before their time.

    I don't get how it effects you for younger people to just listen to what they want. If you like more classic rock, just listen to it. It isn't ruining music, it isn't going anywhere, people still make music of EVERY genre. You don't know every young person out there so I think making a whole generalization about what they listen to is reaching. People hate millennials so much for just doing things their own way and I just don't get it. It's just music, I don't understand why people hate on what other people like. It's just very frustrating because they just think everyone out there is exactly the same just because they didn't grow up like you.

    • For #1 look... most young people in this question didn't know who Foreigner are. And we weren't talking about some obscure band of that era like Touch or New England. But about a multi-million selling band... for God's sake!


      So how can I expect you being smart about music?

      As for playlists... there IS a reason why the tracks are in a certain order in an album. The order was arranged by the artist/artists him/her/themselves. Or by the producer as well. Rearranging the track order, disturbs the artists' original work. And this is something I don't like.

    • Because most African American families don't listen to classic rock, that's why. Just because people don't listen to what you listen to doesn't mean they haven't heard of anything. Not everyone grew up like you. You're saying it like people live under rock but you haven't looked into new bands who still make that type of music. Like I said, if you don't like playlist don't listen them. That's literally the most nitpicky thing ever. If people have favorite songs that's their business. If they bought it, they have all that right

  • This is actually all true. Kids these days know nothing about music and think it's just some background thing that's supposed to be a small distraction or something that helps them have fun, but they don't respect on focus on the music...
    It's sad...

    Of course - never all kids, but the vast majority - definitely all true.

  • 1 and 7 I totally understand everyone thinks Justin bieber and one direction is the top dog.

    But I don't get what's wrong with the other things there are many artists that I only like a couple of songs from like robbie Williams or is it robbin. Plus sometimes music can be quite expensive to be able to just quickly change something.

  • Here's my simple answer. People just listen to the radio edit A-side songs. They rarely listen to any other songs from that artist. Another is not going to concerts to support bands. Not supporting local music. There are two kinds of music fans the ones who say they like a band's music and who really follow that band. The other music fan is more of a poser, they say that they like a band but when asked more detailed questions they can name and albums by that band. I see 26 concerts a year how about you?

    • I hardly go to a concert. Because most bands I listen to, they never come to my country (only Scorpions come frequently). And many of them are inactive currently. Does this make me less of a fan for you?

    • I would like to see Loverboy, Honeymoon Suite or REO Speedwagon but chances for them to come to Greece, are minimum. I have never met anyone who listens to them, apart from a few 45+ year old guys. People my age, don't even know them as a name.

    • Well almost impossible to be honest. Not just minimum.

  • 1. Super questionable there are always good artists.
    2. Okay? we don't follow tradition or it's changed. The world is doomed
    3. Spotify, Pandora, the radio. There you go discover music. Why potentially waste money or download something you don't like?
    4. Why do you care what others do at a concert? They might get the full experience or that is apart of the experience for them.
    5. Legit, but again, why buy something or listen to something you don't like.
    6. I'm trying to find a sense as to how you know how music should be listened too. Why shouldn't people listen to their favorite songs? Both my parents 50+ do this.
    7. Most kids I know have heard or listen to music before the 80s.. try again

  • 1. There are always a few good artists out there. You just have to find them.
    2. How the fuck are artists supposed to make money then?
    3. You are forgetting that Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio and Soundcloud exists.
    4. What if there was a friend or family member who wanted to go to the concert and they couldn't go? Wouldn't you want them to see performances as well?
    5. Not every song on an album is good, or we like it.
    6. There is something called 'arranging playlists'.
    7. You're dumb. My SoundCloud is currently on shuffle and I JUST finished listening to this song.

    • They make money on tour and album sales, and sorry but no there's not good music now.

  • So we're deaf?
    They said the same thing back then about all those artists!


What Guys Said 18

  • No offense, but the generations before us did not know how to listen to good music either. And this especially goes for Generation X. I bet you are one of those people who thinks that Nirvana is a good band. I think that music began to decline after the 1960s.

    • I absolutely hate Nirvana. I don't know why you said that. To me music died with the rise of Grunge.

    • I'm more into Hard Rock/AOR/Glam Metal. Not Grunge shit. For God's sake dude!

    • Then we at least have that in common. I despite grunge as well, but I do not care for that other stuff you listed either. My tastes are Bob Dylan and the folk/country of the late 1960s.

  • Hey man, I love old music too, but maybe go a little easy on my generation? Just hear me out.

    1. I think this depends on your taste. I don't really like modern music either, but what are you gonna do? People will always like the hottest trends. There's no point debating which is better or worse objectively.

    2. True, but again, that's just the way it goes. Times change. My generation grew up in a world of social media. And while not all of us use it (like myself), most of them
    do, and artists know that.

    3. I admit it, I download music from itunes. I don't think that takes away from the listening experience though. I still get tears im my eyes listening to old 80s love songs. Records were great I bet, but downloading doesn't mean that the music has lost its emotion and meaning

    4. Ok, I mostly agree with this, except, I see nothing wrong with using a phone as a lighter. It's just a fact that more people are familiar with phones than lighters. Personally I am just glad this tradition has stayed alive at all.

    5. Well not every song on an album is good. Sometimes I only like say 4 songs from a 14 track album. Should I pay for the whole thing when I can download the songs I want? Back in the day, you had no choice, but what if you bought an album and realized you only like the MTV single? Then it was basically a waste of money. At least now we can pick out the good songs and ditch the weak filler.

    6. Not gonna lie, I have a playlist of 250+ 80s AOR songs that I listen to one my phone on shuffle. It's a great experience. I think playlists can be great when done right.

    7. You'd be surprised at how many do. it's only the pop fans that mainly listen to just new music. Most of us at least know about older music, and some, like me, specialize in it

    Overall, I just say, give the kids a break, everyone has a different music taste. Some of us like older and some like newer. I like older myself, but everyone has their own preference.

  • I agree with every point with the e caption of he first one.

    Many artists are amazing nowadays, maybe you need to show some examples of who is not good, so I can show you many artists who are just as good. If anybody writes a song by themselves or with a band and performs it then it is a good, legitimately made song. If it is written by a bunch of writers and given to Justin beiber then it's shit.

    But there's no way that you can tell me that there wasn't a lot of pretty bad music in the past. I can look yhrpugh mg parents old records and find many questionable 'artists'. But of course I am judging by an album cover rather that listening to them. I think that nowadays people who really create music have a much easier time being unique then they could be before. If I look at somebody like Feist, she has a sound I cannot see anybody else mimicking or sounding good with. Or look at 'the Tragically Hip, they sound different than many bands. Try wintersleep, red hot chili peppers, band of skulls, band of horses, Bahama. I Mae my own songs, I cannot sing,, but I will write pretty good songs for my ability. I play guitar, bass,
    Write he lyrics, perform the vocals, and make computer drums because I cannot do any other way. You can't just judge a whole generation of people for being uncreative. I bet a lot of artists nowadays could walk circles around artists from the old days

    People who love music definitely go into the past to resurrect good music.

    • You know those "indie" bands, like Muse, Arcade Fire, 1975, etc.

    • actually some of their stuff is very good. you just have to be open to it, and realize music changes, it always has. and to tell you the truth, if you don't make music yourself, if you have never written a song, you basically have no right to say anything about it. you can really only criticize the state of pop music, which since the 70's or 80's has been disasterous

  • Something i can say. Music isn't good as the old one (if i can believe to old people). I can complain about it in lyrical and instrumental. Lyrical we all know and instrumental is that a lots of people sampling others work.
    I take Youtube serious because a lot of other companies letting people pay for music but since Youtube stucked in 2015 and all the new tracks being released on spotify, tidal and iTunes i crack them.

    Like my opinion about feminism, man/women-shaming and being "different in sex" it's the same here. It's just to much. In entertaining now a lots of artist rising now or just get choosen from the streets. Now we got like four new rappers in the indusrty and no one knows who they are and a lot of people at thet same time knows who the are.

    Second or third whatever. Most young people being lead by the society. 2012 was swag. Everybody who pronounced Swag in their songs was the shit to listen. 2016 is lit. You'll see that every artist in 2017 who pronounce lit in their song will become the hottest shit to listen.

    Third or fourth. Sex is leading everything. Nicki Minaj can't rap and i think she is just a woman/stripper with several personalities who live their own live. She has ass like skippy balls which are probably made of skippy balls but boys dreaming so bad about having sex with here until one of her buttcheeks is exploding.

    Nobody will listen to music before their age. The people who do are mostly hipsters or something. All those subgenres are ruling too hard and also pulling to hard. Now everybody wants to be different and confirm that with their music. So they maybe don't like the music but they actually use it as an flag to show who they are.

    Technology made everybody to not listen to full albums. I do not because i like some rapsongs like Plastic Bag- little wayne and No Telling- Drake but from the last one i even do not like the first part. Most artist and escpecially rappers put more interludes than songs. You see like 2 interludes but the other songs sound like interludes because you can not hear them or the music.

    The last thing which is your first point is the internet. Yes, it's wrong but everybody doing it now. It's like the internet of things. Everything and everybody gets attached to the internet. Same to printers, cars, live and women. They get promoted via Internet, work via Internet or with internet only. This is wrong but cheaper.
    It's now in the way that you can not get song without the internet or an special program.

  • There are still good bands today. They just don't get signed by record companies (who only care about profit). The internet actually helps those artists, because otherwise, no one would hear their music except for local fans.

    CDs are a waste of money for listeners with most big artists, because few artists actually have albums that are good from start to finish (anything from Pink Floyd, and Highway 61 Revisited by Bob Dylan, to name a few). I'm not going to spend 20 bucks on a CD if I only like two songs on it.

    Also, we don't live in the 70s, or the 90s. MP3s are the future, so if an artist refuses to get on board, they will get left behind.

    • You mean those "hipster bands"? They are actually a bunch of weirdos. I gave it a go, and their music sounds out of my league. Well what can we do? I cannot embrace new music whether it's mainstream or not.

  • I couldn't finish reading this, it was just written by a grandpa sad about how times are changing, and it just boils down to you missing the "good times"

  • music nowdays is the soundtrack of getting fucked up to act cool around your peers. so... its just a way to socialize between stoners to me. sad as fuck

  • I agree mostly but to say most music today isn't as good as back then is kinda not true. Maybe most mainstream music is pretty bad but some underground stuff is really amazing.

    • Dude, I have tried the underground stuff too. They just don't speak to me.
      I prefer the Mainstream Rock stuff from older decades... you know like Rainbow, Foreigner and such...

  • I totally agree with you, I prefer the older bands and artists myself.

  • not to be arrogant, but it sounds that you're only issue here is that we have more convenient ways of listening to music. and did you really think you weren't gpnna get raged on by calling us stupid, with labeling this take ''7 Reasons Why Young People Today Don’t Know How To Listen To Music''? plus, let's not forget that a few classical artists are doing covers of newer music:

  • Only ones i agree with are 4 and 5
    for you to say artists aren't as good as they use to be is ridiculous. Eric clapton said that people dont realise just how good john mayer is... in my opinion he is one of the best guitarists of all time... dave grohl from nirvana, thats right one of the biggest bands in the world during the 90's made a new band after kirt died, where he switched instroments and sings and is consodered one of the best modern rock bands... besides a lot of classic rock gets hyped just because of nostalgia

    Online promos aren't bad... pandora helps one person discover way more music than 100 people could back in the day.../thread gg

    People use to have playlist back in The 80's / 90's... theyre called mix tapes... god do you even listen to old music?

    I have a tattoo of johnny cash on my leg... i can prob tell you more about cash, elvis, and hank then you can tell me... plese tell me you know who hank is -_-

    Oh im 24 by the way

    Bad thread

    • Nirvana is one of the worst if not the worst band in music history.
      Pandora sucks.
      I don't know much about Cash, and Elvis because I'm not much into 50s-60s. Old music isn't only those decades.

      I listen to stuff like the one full album that I posted.

      And what "GG" means?

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    • Please leave. You waste my time...

    • Ill leave this my take was a waste
      A bad attempt at trying to make a certain music group seem better than others while at the same time putting people down for what they listen to

      Proven wrong every step of the way


  • All of these are stupid outside of 4

    • Yes yes I know. Music which is over 23 years old, sucks for you.

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    • I'm older than you by 1-2 years. I was born on October 1991.

    • Oooohhhh... Look! We got a fucking elder statesman in the house. Lemme worship your full year and a half knowledge. You might as well be fucking middle aged with all that extra wisdom 😂

  • Well, excuuuse me! I listen to classical music.

  • Exception

  • The internet has helped music discovery more than anything. Anyone, anywhere can discover millions of songs from tens of thousands of bands you could never find a record store. Nothing has been a bigger boon to music fans and music discovery than the internet and mp3s.

  • I have been into all types of music since 1964 I got into Show tunes 1940's+1950's stuff. Hippie rock, Soul, R&B, Heavy Metal, In your face Funk, Punk rock, Hard core, Rap, Hard core Rap, Speed Metal, Thrash, Metal, Grind core, Gangsta Rap, Rap-Metal, Death metal, Grunge, House music, Techno and Industrial. Now a days it is empty processed crap. I wish they took a present band and put them on stage at a 1975 Black Sabbath concert and play their crap. They'll run them right out of the building.

  • I agree with everything, but #3, 5 and 6. C'mon man, it's no secret a lot of bands, even good ones, just focused on one or two really good songs, then came up with about 10 fillers, just so they could charge more money for the albums. That is why single albums were so popular. As far as playlist go, they are nothing but an easier form of the mix tape! And downloading has made it much easier to find old songs, the problem is no one wants to because of the biggest problem you pointed out! Number 7!

    Once you start listening to music pre 1990, you find so much of it is good, and a higher percent is better than the monotonous (literally) stuff they churn out nowadays! I mean with the digital age, you are no longer confined to what is popular in record stores or what's on the radio. Explore, expand your mind, judge for yourself! Most of the music I love is actually from the 70's and 80's. But I have some from the 60's 50's, and quite a bit of classical too! As I said, expand your mind! Glad someone else feels this way!

  • Most of these don't seem to be based on anything.

    The only one I might agree with is 5.


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