12 Best Supporting Characters in Comics History

I'm not including sidekicks here, unless they weren't sidekicks for long.

12. Etta Candy

Wonder Woman's best friend. There have been many versions of her character. She's usually proud of her plus-size figure and vocal about her love of sweets. Best supporting characters in comics

11. Harry Osborn

Peter Parker's best friend back in high school. He was one of the wealthiest students there and even though he was a little short-tempered, he still cared about the people close to him. 12 Best Supporting Characters in Comics History

10. Edwin Jarvis

Yes. Iron Man named his AI after his dad's butler. 12 Best Supporting Characters in Comics History

9. Iris West

Initially Barry Allen's (Flash's) girlfriend and later his wife. She was born in the 30th century and sent to the 20th century as an infant. She was never told that she was adopted but suspected it. 12 Best Supporting Characters in Comics History

8. Sharon Carter

A secret agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. under Nick Fury. Her great-aunt was also the wartime love interest for Captain America, who she's close friends with (although they did date for a brief moment).12 Best Supporting Characters in Comics History

7. Lois Lane

One of the best reporters for the Daily Planet. Most of the early comics are about her trying to get information from Superman and him giving it to her but still trying to maintaining his secret identity. 12 Best Supporting Characters in Comics History

6. Alicia Masters

The Fantastic Four once saved a blind girl from her step-father. Because she was blind, she was one of the people that saw the Thing for more than his appearance. 12 Best Supporting Characters in Comics History

5. Rick Jones

Bruce Banner once saved a kid from a gamma bomb that he created, which ended up turning Banner into the Hulk. Rick was the first one to know that Bruce Banner is the Hulk and is one of the few people that can calm him down. 12 Best Supporting Characters in Comics History

4. Jimmy Olsen

A photojournalist who works at the Daily Planet. He's close friends with Lois Lane and Clark Kent/Superman and looks up to his coworkers as role models. 12 Best Supporting Characters in Comics History

3. James Gordon

One of the best cops in the city who turned to a vigilante because the majority of the cops were corrupt. He's one of the few people Batman trusts. 12 Best Supporting Characters in Comics History

2. J Jonah Jameson

The publisher and editor-in-chief of the Daily Bugle. His character is popular for being a dick. I'm still glad they created him since he played major role in the early Spider-Man comics. 12 Best Supporting Characters in Comics History

1. Alfred Pennyworth

I can't think of a reason not to want a loyal butler who cares for you deeply. He's also the master of sass. 12 Best Supporting Characters in Comics History


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  • Alfred the only member of the batfamily allowed to use a gun

    • This is true

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    • @RedHood7 that's not what I meant when I said "abandon". We know very well that Bruce can be a dick to the people around him. That's exactly one of the reasons he left in the first place. I know he's always there for them but he's not always considered part of the family

    • Not considered a part of the family by douchebags who think the guy who made Batman grieve hard for years doesn't matter if he doenst have a no-killing rule.

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What Guys Said 10

  • Can't forget Thw time when Alfred beat up superman.. yes, ALFRED.



  • If you do non-superheroes for this don't forget agent 355, love that comic. Also if you ever do protagonists don't forget spider Jerusalem or Jesse Custer at least in my opinion they are the best main characters.

    • I've read a few Vertigo comics and I'm familiar with Agent 355 but it'll probably be a while before I write about those. I'm doing the characters that I know well enough first

    • Ok, I only said because I don't really read superhero comics only read batman (and nightwing ofc) for DC and Vision for marvel, image is the best atm in my opinion.

  • Disagree with the rankings - you have to have Gordon #2 and JJJ #3. Your Spider-Man bias betrays you, dear lady.

    • Spider-Man bias? Did you look at #1? Lol

    • Alfred was an easy pick for #1. If you had set him lower there would have been a public outcry 😉

  • I personally find Batman's group is the best in "super"hero comics. Robin is the ultimate sidekick, with Tim being my favorite (although Dick is an awesome standalone character). Alfred is the best supporting character, but Barbara and Jim also make the short list for me. Lastly, the Batman villains are the best: the three Jokers, Penguin, Two-Face, Harley, the Riddler, Mr. Freeze, etc.

  • Interesting Take, I'm familiar with most of these characters, my favorites are Alfred, Gordon, Lois and Jameson (really funny guy, despite being a dick) :)

  • Great take - You are right, many of them are well known, I don't read comics but I recognised about 70% of them

  • Is alfredo for zoro

  • This is what I mean by ur interesting and fun :p

  • These characters are hot

  • Jarvis was the butler at the Avengers mansion going back to the 60's


What Girls Said 5


    I'm also so interested in this Etta lady! She sounds so fun!

  • When Alfred and his lady friend were turned to stone, my heart did too 😭😭😭😭

  • I haven't heard of Alicia Masters or Rick Jones, and I'm not that much into Iron Man, but I know these other characters, James Gordon and Alfred Pennyworth are the best, awesome myTake.

  • Alfred Pennyworth <3

  • Alfred is a master of throwing shade.


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