14 Hilarious Warframe Glitches

For over a month now I've been taking screen shots of any glitches or bugs I come across. Some of them are meh, some wtf, and others are kind of funny. This doesn't mean the actual game is awful or too horribly glitchy. I knew certain things would make it bug out and others were accidents due to my crappy internet. Now behold my master pieces! :D

Goodbye world!

Warframe Glitches

While doing an interception mission, I had caused myself to fall off the planet. I assume that round thing I was seeing as I fell is the planet. I kind of had this song playing in my head as I was falling for a bit, don't ask my why. :P


14 Hilarious Warframe Glitches

This one happened due to someone leaving the party the second the mission ended. Why they left I have no idea but it left us with this bug. This also made me think of a song from soul eater, talking about Excalibur. XD

Loading loading loading!

14 Hilarious Warframe Glitches

I was trying to go back to my landing craft, once it finished loading to the screen....well... you get the picture.


14 Hilarious Warframe Glitches

This was a visual bug that's been going on lately with anything the shadow stalker drops. Sure this shows 2 but in reality I still only got 1 bp but that's okay since I already have that weapon.

Random Placement

14 Hilarious Warframe Glitches14 Hilarious Warframe Glitches

When I was entering my clans dojo, it decided to drop me off here.

Somethings missing

14 Hilarious Warframe Glitches

This bug does happen a little more often, where the tower and it's controls are not there. Plus I can't see the tower on the map either, so if someone is trying to take it I won't know.

I kick you!

14 Hilarious Warframe Glitches14 Hilarious Warframe Glitches

How this glitch came to be, I had jumped a certain way and clicked on the arsenal.

Big cat!

14 Hilarious Warframe Glitches

After having an enemy become immortal until the host left and the game reset. This bug came to be with me losing my head and my cat being bigger than all of us.

Secret portal!

14 Hilarious Warframe Glitches

If only it was a secret portal, though it's just the doors messing up and showing the background of where the mission was.

Going off the map

14 Hilarious Warframe Glitches

One enemy wanted to go off the map instead of dying like the rest of them.


14 Hilarious Warframe Glitches

My cat had decided that it was sick and tired of being fired at, so he went underground for a bit.

In another place

14 Hilarious Warframe Glitches14 Hilarious Warframe Glitches

I was using my 3rd ability which makes a portal to get to another spot faster. Sadly I missed where I wanted to go and caused this glitch, which is what lead me to falling out of the planet.

Cat lost it's head!

14 Hilarious Warframe Glitches

Not only did my cat lose it's head but it also lost it's tale. :(

Headless loki!

14 Hilarious Warframe Glitches

During a really bad connection I ended up being headless.

Whelp, that's all of the glitches I have come across for the time being. I hope y'all enjoyed it and thought some where funny or just plain weird. I had fun trying to hunt for glitches to show off to y'all and might do it again if I find any new and interesting ones.

Question: What are some glitches you have seen while playing a video game?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't have any screenshots but durin a Fissure extermination on Mars, scanning with the Codex Scanner showed containers inside the walls.
    The Void knows what is inside of them D:
    PS: Why are your health and shields so low? Don't you have the mods for increasing those? My lvl 30 Volt with no Reactor has 810 shields, 500 health. Random question, I know, sorry :P

    • Putting so much shields and health on volt is a waste due to how low his armor is. What I do is put Primed Flow on and use quick thinking. Meaning as long as I have energy I won't die, which with nova she has 750 something energy and volt has 800 to almost 900 energy. So with that his health is actually 3,000 with quick thinking.

Most Helpful Girl

  • That headless Loki looks so hilarious 😂 It has somewhat made my night

    Your myTakes seem to encourage me to buy a console and explore the video gaming world ✨They seem really cool and interesting as well

    As for me, I have encountered glitches in simulation and arcade games (yeah, like the Sims Freeplay and Piano Tiles). Sometimes in Piano Tiles, I lose in the game because of an occasional lag in the tiles and a delay in the synchronization of the tiles and the sound.


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  • falling through the planet is a frequent glitch in games in general.


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