Saxophone parts in AOR genre: 15 AOR Songs featuring Saxophone

Before I start, I must say that if you are not interested in AOR genre, please don’t answer.

Anyway, I like saxophone as an instrument. And I believe when electric guitar, keyboards and saxophone are all together, results are awesome.

(Songs In Alphabetical Order)

1) All American Boy by Stan Bush (1983)

2) Call My Name by Michael Bolton (1985)

3) Double Vision by Foreigner (1978)

4) Ever Since The World Began by Tommy Shaw (originally by Survivor from 1982. Although Survivor’s version doesn’t include saxophone, Tommy Shaw’s version includes one) (1987)

5) Human Touch by Rick Springfield (1983)

6) I Wanna Go Back by Eddie Money (originally by Billy Satellite from 1984. Billy Satellite’s version doesn’t include saxophone.) (1986)

7) Lightning Rose by Jefferson Starship (1979)

8. Make Believe by Toto (1982)

9) Over And Over by Dakota (1984)

10) Positive Touch by Journey (1986)

11) Run For The Night by RAGE (1983)

12) Say You Love Me Or Say Goodnight by REO Speedwagon (1978)

13) Some Tough City by Tony Carey (1984)

14) The Heartaches Begin by Charlie (1983)

15) What You Are Missing by Chicago (1982)


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  • what about Pink Floyd and Supertramp?


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