My Top 10 Favorite Bands/Musicians

Throughout my 24 years of life I've come across a lot of different music. Some good, some not so good. All personal opinion of course! I listen to pretty much everything, so expect to see a bit of variation. Enjoy.

10) Brad Paisley

The only Country singer (unless you count a later number) to make the list. A great guitarist with fun songs and lyrics.

9) Kiss

For what ever reason Kiss was my favorite band as a kid. If I could see any band live, it'd be them.

8 ) Nirvana

The grunge fits my black soul.

7) Slipknot

Hands down the best show I've seen live. I think what appeals to me so much with Slipknot, is how much emotion they put into their music. I've seen Corey Taylor break down and cry from singing one of his songs and i love them for that.

6) Elvis

He is the King. Need I say more?

5) Johnny Cash

Just like Kiss, not really sure how I got into him. But I've been listening to him for my entire adult life. I even have a tattoo that i designed of him on my calf.

4) Brand New

They replaced Kiss as my favorite band when I hit middle school and held that title through high school.

3) John Mayer

My favorite guitarist & in my opinion the most underrated musician in the world today. You can literally hear his music getting better with every album and can clearly tell that he genuinely loves music.

2) Eddie Vedder / Pearl Jam

Eddie is my favorite vocalist of all time. This is more for him than for PJ. there's nothing I enjoy more than listening to my playlist of Eddie songs and covers while at work.

He can even sing Frozen and kill it. Also his daughters asked him to do that and I think its fucking pimp that he did.

1) Red Hot Chili Peppers

The only band to never go through a dry spell with me. I've been listening to them my entire life, and they contain both my favorite bass guitarist and drummer. And while I'm at it Dani California is the best music video ever.

Tell me your favs.

Out of letter! Love ya!


Most Helpful Girl

  • as for me:
    1. Led Zeppelin
    2. The Beatles
    3. Queen
    4. Pink Floyd
    5. Metallica
    6. AC/DC
    7. The Rolling Stones
    8. Nirvana
    9. Guns and Roses
    10. The Who


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  • Nice list. I like a variety as well; ranging from rock n roll of the 60s to some pop music of today. It depends on my mood lol.


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