5 Interesting Concepts That I Think Would Make Great Call of Duty Video Games

I noticed that a lot of video game fans have been disappointed with Call of Duty's recent releases. Some fans say they want another WWII call of duty, others say they want a simple Call of Duty that takes place in current times. A lot of the Call of Duty fans seem to have gotten tired of it's sci fi futuristic theme. Personally I still think call of duty is good, I know that it's unpopular opinion. Most people agree that the campaigns/story mode are good however; most people that play Call of Duty seem to only care about the multiplayer mode more than the campaign. Some new features that would make multiplayer fun are a more dynamic gunsmith mode(which can also be used in the other game modes)character/class customization and vehicles. Here are some ideas that I think would make Call of Duty number one again.

1.) A WWII era Call of duty were you play as a member of the 442nd RCT

For those that don't know who the 442nd RCT were, they were Japanese-American men who volunteered in the US army during WWII and are known for being the current most decorated unit in US army history.

In this Call of Duty game, you would start as a Japanese-American man named "Robert Nakano"(A fictional character) in a local restaurant. Robert gets approached by bigoted man named "Samuel Peterson"(Another fictional character). Samuel starts saying all sorts of racial slurs to Robert, Robert gets in his face and a brawl insues. Robert Nakano wins the brawl by using Judo techniques. Samuel leaves the bar in disgust.

The game fast forwards to a few weeks later as Robert is fighting in WWII. The whole game would take place in Western Europe as Robert and his unit fight the Wehrmacht. The final mission would feature Robert and the 442nd RCT aiding the "Lost Battalion". After Robert Nakano and the 442nd RCT rescued the lost battalion, he notices that Samuel is amongst the lost battalion. Samuel approaches Robert and thanks him for the rescue and apologizes for his bigotry in a very emotional scene. The game then skips ahead to present day, were the elderly Robert Nakano tells his experiences in WWII to his grandchildren. That's where the game ends.

2.) Alternate history Call of Duty

I don't think this has been done yet in Call of Duty but in this alternate History Call of Duty, the axis powers managed to win WWII but they didn't conquer the world, instead there are some territorial changes in Asia, the Pacific, Europe and Africa. Only the North, South American continents, Greenland and Iceland remained independent in this concept for a Call of duty game.

The game's opening explains how in 1945 Germany managed to push back the western allies by threatening to use their V-Rockets on allied troops in Europe and by using one of their V-Rockets on Stalingrad designed by Wernher Von Braun(real life rocket scientist). While Japan pushed back the allies by using the atom bomb on Beijing and they threatened to use it on the allied fleet. their atom bomb was created by Yoshio Nishina(Real life scientist who lead Japan's atom bomb program). After America and Canada retreat from the Pacific and Europe, Japan occupies all of Eastern and Western Asia and the Pacific while Germany occupies all of Europe, Russia and the Middle East. Eventually in 1948 both Japan and Germany divide the African continent.

the game would fast forward to 1950 were the protagonist who is a US soldier wakes up in a US army base in the barracks. The player would get the option of customizing the protagonist of the game. A more dynamic melee combat would be introduced, the story will take place in parts of Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. The story will involve a Cold War scenario between America-Canadian alliance and Nazi Germany-Japanese alliance. The missions would be slightly open world, similar to battlefield: bad company the antagonists in this game would be Waffen SS soldiers, Gestapo, Imperial Japanese elite units and Kempeitei

3.) Chinese point of View in WWII call of duty

In this call of duty, you get to play as a Chinese soldier as you battle the imperial Japanese army. At the beginning of the game, the protagonist who is a young Chinese male is spending time with his family in his home, celebrating his birthday. The imperial Japanese army attacks China; during their evacuation, his two siblings get killed by a bomb that gets dropped from a Zero fighter(Imperial Japanese fighter planes). The protagonist can't find his parents so he assumes the worst. The protagonist makes it to a Chinese military base were he is recruited into the Chinese army by Chiang Kai Shek.

In the middle of the game, The protagonist will encounter a Imperial Japanese soldier that deserted his unit because he couldn't stand the heinous war crimes committed by the imperial Japanese army. At first the protagonist doesn't trust the Japanese soldier but afterwards, they start to trust each other. Pictured below are two Imperial Japanese soldiers giving water from a canteen to a Chinese child.

The whole story will take place in China as the protagonist battles Imperial Japanese soldiers with the main antagonist being a leader of the infamous Unit 731. Towards the end of the game, the protagonist manages to punish the leader of Unit 731 and he is reunited with his parents that turn out to be alive.

4.) German point of view of WWII on the Eastern front

In this Call of Duty, you'd play as young German soldier who fights the Soviets on the Eastern front. The whole game would focus on the Eastern front of WWII from the German point of view.

The protagonist(the character you play as) would start off as a young German wrestler named "Klaus Schmidt"(fictional character) who is spending time with his girlfriend in a forest. The German love song "Lili Marleen" would be heard a lot in this game. After the protagonist spends time with his girlfriend, the game fast forwards to a few days later. Klaus is drafted into the Wehrmacht and he has to go fight the Russians on the Eastern front. Before he leaves, he kisses his girlfriend goodbye.

Througout the game, Klaus witnesses war crimes from both the Waffen SS and the Soviets. Towards the end of the game, Klaus returns to Germany and has to fight the Soviets that have besieged Berlin. As he fights his way through Berlin, Klaus realizes that the battle only delays the inevitable collapse of Berlin. He deserts the main battle to go save his girlfriend. Klaus arrives at his girlfriend's house to find that the secondary antagonist Sergei Orlov(fictional character) who is a Soviet Kommissar and three drunken Soviets are trying to break into Klaus's girlfriend's house. Klaus in a fit of rage takes out his knife and single handedly overpowers Sergei and the three Soviets. After Klaus took care of the 4 Soviets, he asks his girlfriend if she's alright. Klaus saw how cruel the Soviet NKVD is on the Eastern front, he realized that him and his girlfriend couldn't stay in Berlin since it was close to falling into Soviet hands. After that, Klaus changes into civilian clothes as Klaus and his girlfriend sneak into the American controlled part of Germany.

On their way there Klaus and a few other Wehrmacht deserters battle the fanatic Waffen SS and the soviet invaders. Klaus encounters the main antagonist who is a Gestapo agent. A hand to hand combat part of the game happens with Klaus winning the fight against the antagonist. Instead of finishing off the antagonist, Klaus would let him live. As Klaus and his girlfriend walk away, the antagonist attempts to shoot Klaus but one of Klaus's friends shoots the Gestapo agent. Klaus thanks him. Klaus, his Girlfriend and some of the other Wehrmacht deserters make it to the American occupied part of Germany were they live a civilian life.

The ending flash forwards to present day were the elderly Klaus and his wife share a kiss in the same forest were the game started with the song "Lili Marleen" playing in the background.(Happy ending)

5.) Another "Modern-esque" Call of Duty

The game would take place between 1990 and 2020. Russian bad guys have become cliché, so instead of having Russians as the bad guys again, maybe include a fictional middle Eastern regime as the antagonists or maybe add a fictional European paramilitary organization as the antagonists.

While I think these concepts would make great call of duty games, it's unlikely we'll ever see them in a Call of Duty game.

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  • That would be awesome. Every time you play a new COD you can feel that it was made for 12 year olds that won't even play the story, so they don't even try to make the game any good. If the could make a COD based on another country/ ethnic group and set it back in ww2 then I'd start buying the games again.


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  • This should happen.

  • Dude i really love your Concept i think they should make a history call of duty


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  • I like the fifth concept the most. It's about time that Russians should stop being viewed as the bad guys. #goodsuggestions

  • I played Call of Duty from the very first WW2 COD released in 2003 up to COD Ghosts. After that I was disappointed with the jetpacks and I did not buy Advanced Warfare and all following titles just because of the jetpacks and awful balance.

    So basically you want another WW2 COD with taking different aspects for the protagonist.

    I'd like to see Call of Duty taking place in a battle of a mighty and corrupt federation much like in COD Ghosts.
    Or getting rid of the refugees in Europe, which were smuggling weapons and arms nonstop into Europe only to take over Europe. The fight should be so intense, that even the Military have issues dealing with them, as the ISIS members operate separated and hidden within Europe. That would be something.

  • What the community really wants is no advanced movement system and a game like modern warfare 2 or black ops 2. Similar to those

    See, in those a few things were amazing
    - killstreaks were devastating
    - guns were super fun to use
    - modern era
    - legendary map layput
    - simple perk customization options
    - epic guns

  • It sounds like you want to play Wolfenstein.

  • I will settle for open world and fully destructible environment instead of silly settings.

    • None of these are actually silly. All of these except the 2nd and last one are loosely based on actual events.