Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review

Hello friends.
Other versions of the site I put in the subject, I would like to share here.
I hope you like it.

1-Modern Warfare 2 to continue.
Modern Warfare 2 Russia-World War II: the start of the final fall of the White House and witnessed, General Shepherd's betrayal, we were witness to.
Extreme Russian nationalist Vladimir Makarov held the airport massacre with us-Russia war had removed. And III. The first world war, the party was set. France and the UNITED STATES in what we call a coalition of other States to fight uk & & Russia as entered. Of course there are also supporters of Russia. Even without the need for support are a problem even to Washington.
The final part of the game, General Shepherd's ... we have at the same time, Soap collector's heavy wounded. Price, with Nikolai her presence in India, Task Force 141, (United Kingdom special operation team) base, that he attended.
And the game exactly where we left off, starting in India.

2-New York City under occupation.
America is under Russian occupation. Russia to the United States at top speed to hit him when the attack of the war, ships can cut in New York Harbor, is deployed. We start with the Sandman and Frost to the game. Our team falls to the helicopter and the ' stock exchange ', we start the war around. The Russians, the American satellite and communications support of the soldiers hacking for important points Jammer (signal Cutter) has established stations. The signal we are mobilized and we set off to destroy the cutter. Thus signals that have been happening again.
After the explosion, Black Hawks takes us to where we are and we start the other partition.

3-New York Harbor.
No signal with the cutter to the F-16 fighter plane air space opens and Russian targets are destroyed. The SAS team to destroy Russian forces in ports shall be appointed.
We start the game and the Russian command ship in the ocean, OSCAR II (submarine), we proceed to the Harbor to take over eating. OSCAR II's propeller is placed at the bottom of the submarine and mine to explode, water began to pick up so we can go into the submarine to the surface.
All Russian soldiers kill and undersea missiles we'll send their ships.
With their own guns, we'll clear the Russians by destroying their Port warships.
As a result of the success of Russian metal Thymine (SAS) forces are Boston, New York, Virginia, Georgia and Florida State pulled back from. All American units are given orders to attack the main attack from command.

4-Protect the Soap.
Price and secure place they have taken Nikolai Soap. About this time, a group of soldiers will attack the base connected to Makarov. the conflict between the two sides, and Nikolai, a former Spetsnaz (Russian special forces) military help and shelter to the Yuri Soap from the price with her kidnap. Distance from there with the helicopter.

Russian President Boris Vorshevsky, Germany at the peace conference in Hamburg by signing peace with the United States and Europe want to end the war. The plane's daughter and FSO (Federal Protective Service) agents there.
Of Russia's leading politicians and begin meeting the plane with and that's when the Makarov and his soldiers to attack the plane to West Virginia. Over the plane's cockpit, the plane begins to fall.
The plane crashes, FSO agents heavily injured. We will check the Andrei, Kharkov, FSO agent we can find and the region, the head of the helicopter goes down. From the helicopter take off and kills the surrounding agents Makarov. Makarov will shoot to shoot us and Andrei dies there.
The head of nuclear missiles has missed to get the codes.

6-Protect London.
The French are leading to London over a suspicious cargo information. Fregata, intelligence from a number of Company M16 British intelligence assessment gets the British SAS commandos to attack terrorists and suspicious vehicle carrying terrorists escapes a metro station. We pursue the terrorists who hijacked a train and kill most of them.
Some terrorists are caught at the station have been delivered.
Stop a possibility the cargo truck but Chemical bomb cargo in London another armored truck. This chemical-laden cargo are submitted within many European city bug Makarov and actions has been realized. The explosions just after the Russian army began to attack more wrathful way to Europe .

* We play a short section before the explosion in London. This section is one of the first victims from the Davis Family on a vacation to London.
To watch the video about:

7-We save the Vice President American taken hostage.
In Europe , mainly in London, Paris, Brussels, Madrid, Bern, Rome, Prague, Berlin, Copenhagen, Warsaw, and Budapest in the cities of chemical bombs exploded and the danger is that many street sar.
These events started World War 3, can we say exactly.
Is the next target of the Russian army from Hamburg. Hamburg attacked the Russian troops against American troops by helicopter out to Hamburg for a while.
Clean up of the streets of Hamburg in Russian and we save successfully the Vice President.

8-Somali to we're going to learn information for Makarov.
European chemical bomb actions then Price want relief from the old mission friend MacMillan. (MacMillan: Modern Warfare I Commander, the person instructor.)
Macmillan made it to Europe via Africa cargo gets the news. The gang has a militant named Waraabe at the beginning.
Our team captures the Warabee and Price pulls interrogate him. Warabee Makarov, he established Volk and the cargo bombs didn't recognize bomber bombs said in Paris.
Price Warabee, kills and we go out, we leave the area barely started the sandstorm.

9-Catch Volk.
I'd say it's one of my favorite episodes. I went to Paris for sightseeing is under attack both sad and excited.
Price, a chemical bomb was being organized by the construction of the Volk finds out that information sharing with the Americans. Live in Paris, the French GIGN team to capture the Volk Metal shall cooperate with the team. Carried out by the Joint Team and the French GIGN Team metal those op is captured live on the Volk.
Our team captures the Warabee and Price pulls interrogate him. Warabee Makarov, he established Volkla and the cargo bombs didn't recognize bomber bombs said in Paris.
Price Warabee, kills and we go out, we leave the area barely started the sandstorm.

10-We will witness the fall of the Eiffel Tower.
Volk has been captured, the u.s. President wanted to live no matter what my advice is not to Volk's Metal. We move up to the Eiffel Tower from the streets of Paris and made our Iron Lady that could not stand the air attacks will fall. The task has been accomplished, but there has been no heart of France.
You can track collapse video:

00: 57 starts to crumble.

11-We need to get to the Church. Place: Prague, Czech Republic
Volk describes us plans for Makarov. Price, Soap, Yuri exudes the city and barricaded the city against military leader Makarov Kamarov assassination plan they do with Makarov.

12-Blood Brothers.
Has been the morning in Prague. Price, Soap and Yuri Makarov, they take the positions for the assassination. But unexpectedly, the plan is disrupted. Kamarov's men captured and questioned by the likely drawn and Makarov assassination plot on learn. Makarov was working with his old friend Yuri learns the Price and Soap. Makarov by placed C4 s Hotel and against the Church fires. SOAP heavily hurt. Makarov to take him to a safe place, they start to run away from his men.
Price and Yuri are brought to a safe place Soap in MW2 because of injuries, but lost a lot of blood, and gave his last breath.
SOAP before he died, '' to know the Price, '' said Yuri Makarov. That's why Price gets angry and pushes Yuri punched to the stairs. Price asks him what he knew about Yuri Makarov and will return to the past.
About 30,000 U.S. soldiers killed in the past that we can see what they did with the nuclear explosion. And Makarov have followed the explosion.
And '' this is the beginning, '' he said.

13-The Castle passed out and find Makarov. Place: Prague, Czech Republic.
Price, Yuri Makarov, with agreed to destroy. Soup, after his death, want to destroy the Price Makarov. When they arrive in the main control room of the leaked to the Castle binary, they see on the screen, Makarov Russian Prime Minister on when querying. During a query like the Prime Minister firing of nuclear bomb code Makarov. Her daughter is now in the hands of Berlin said. The further from there by helicopter the team information.

14-Save the Prime Minister's daughter.
Americans from the Russian Prime Minister Berlin with intelligence Nikolai girl on Delta Force to rescue tim sends someone. Alena Vorshevsky's exact location in Berlin is not clear. Of CLA, telephone network, reaches the phone in place of Alena and asks where she is complete. Delta Force team to rescue her, but finds its place comes and kidnaps the girl with the helicopter guys Makarov.

15-Save President Russia. Goodbye, Sandman, Grinch, Truck :(
Alena Vorshevsky, Makarov's men and taken to a diamond mines in Siberia by the. Task Force 141 team and the u.s. Delta team President and daughter are recovering or it will destroy all Europe Makarov.
Task Force 141 and Delta Force Operation to succeed, Russia's Prime Minister, and his daughter is rescued but escape during the Sandman and other elements of the team remains at the scene and Metal in the blast and they die. Rescue mission brings the end of the war between Russia and the United States. Team of Sandman and death scene:

16-Dust to Dust.
Russia and the United States signed peace ended the war.
The only things that should be no unnecessary Makarov has been deprecated.
Price and Yuri Makarov by wearing special clothes stored in Dubai they come to the Oasis. Makarov will be an explosion in order to escape full and Yuri gets hurt. Price from continuing to Yuri who runs the hotel's penthouse, and sees the Helicopter escaped with Makarvo. Price chopper catches and destroys the mechanism, helicopter drops. Makarov and Price wounded. Gets the gun in place and fully Makarov Price will order killed Yuri Makarov, giving the corresponding shoulder hits to come, but then kills Yuri. Price, amount, and about this time, they start to fight Makarov. There is a cable connecting the neck down Makarov from the glass lobby with a hanged Makarov Makarov will stay there.
And as it did in the cigar burns and the MW1 Price Makarov rocking body follows.

Thank you for taking the time to read.
Game search after the video started to repair the peace of the cities and identify relevant news are given.

Always Peace <3


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  • This seems more like a walkthrough than a true review though. I haven't ever played Call of Duty, but I think they all seem "similar" in a way.

    I didn't think they had a real story line behind them, but apparently they do.

    • In reality we didn't give the messages they give you in the games. :)
      Thanks for comment.

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  • I thought the ending wasn't very good. You just kill one guy and I don't even remember if the war ended or anything... I mean, a while ago I played the campaign again, and I didn't even realize it was the very last mission until the credits came.

    Modern Warfare 2 still has the best FPS game ever.


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  • Thanks for relieving my memories T_T
    And bro, it's not review, it's plot.
    "Modern Warfare" The best FPS series ever made ;_;

  • @Reloaded Thanks for sharing, you are obviously a fan. Besides MW3, what other games do you like? I don't play many but enjoy MW and am looking to expand my games.

    • You're welcome.
      I have a very fan of the game I'm in.
      In other games, I'm going to start reviewing. :)

    • try battlefield

    • I'll try it... thanks and I'm looking forward to your other reviews.

  • black ops 3 here we come

  • I'm not sure if this webside is the right place for game reviews. We have Steam for that.

    Anyway COD is awesome, just too expensive.

  • COD is COPY -> PASTE. It's not what it is anymore.

    Battlefield is much better.

    • and yeah Counter Strike GO

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    • "it's not what it is anymore"

    • so many cod fans, 2 Battlefield and Counter Strike GO hater because this 2 games are hard to play ;)

  • Call Of Duty is becoming a real joke.