10 Underrated Pokemon In Pokemon GO That You Should Consider To Use

Usually people tend to praise Dragonite, Gyarados and of course the fan-favorite Charizard. But there are others, they should be given a chance too.

1) Clefairy/Clefable

And Fairy is the most underrated Type of Pokemon perhaps. It might sound really girly as a type indeed, but it’s not as girly as you think when it comes to battles. It’s strong against Fightning type, so they have a huge advantage against Pokemon like Machamp which are common to be found in Gyms. Also it has pretty decent CP but most of all high HP and Defense stats!

2) Ditto

I know it’s crazy to mention Ditto, but as you all who play Pokemon might know, Ditto has the ability to Transform into his opponent. It’s definitely wrong to use it in order to Level Up Gyms, but it’s useful in order to bring down Gyms. Just make sure it’s strong enough to not be knocked out quickly (so it must be at least 500 CP), and give it a shot.

3) Dratini/Dragonair

I don’t mention Dragonite as you see. Dragonite is pretty overrated in fact, but I understand why most people use it in gyms (High CP). But let’s not forget that Dragonite has the disadvantage (in its case), to be Flying Type as well. Dragon Type is perhaps the strongest Type in Pokemon universe. It’s strong against Water, Fire, Grass and Lightning Attacks. Generally it’s weak against Ice and Fairy only. So Dragonite being Flying as well, has weakness against Lightning or Rock attacks as well.

4) Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff

Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff is a level below Clefairy/Clefable, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. In fact it’s an excellent addition to your party. Although it has lower CP than Clefairy/Clefable and has a disadvantage of being Normal Type as well, instead of Fairy, it has an advantage when it comes to HP.

5) Lickitung

Despite its low CP it was blessed with high HP and Defense instead. So it worths to give it a try, especially against Psychic or Ghost Pokemon, since Lick is a common move for Lickitungs. Useful for Leveling Up your Gym.

6) Magnemite/Magneton

Magnemite/Magneton is blessed with two Types. Not much its first one, but its second type is really useful. In this game it’s the only Steel Pokemon – so far-. Being Steel, it means it’s only weak against Fire. Also it has pretty good CP and good Defense stats as well, so in my opinion it’s a level above than Gyarados or Rhydon.

7) Metapod/Kakuna

In those old Pokemon games, they were sure the most useless Pokemon after Magikarp. But here they’re not as useless as they seem. At least against Pokemon which are 1000 CP or below. They have pretty good Defense stats, and the Struggle move isn’t so useless. Sure they’re not the strongest Pokemon around, but not as useless as most people think.

8. Onix

This is perhaps the Pokemon, Pokemon GO players love to hate. I have heard at least 5 times how crappy Onix is. But that’s untrue in my opinion. Onix may have low CP and low HP as well, but it has awesome Defense stats. Don’t forget that it’s common for Pokemon GO players to put an Arcanine into a gym, so Onix is strong against Arcanine, if you want to Level Up or bring down a gym. Just make sure Arcanine doesn’t have Bulldoze as its special attack. Generally, Onix is useful if you want to Level Up a gym. Thanks to its Low CP but high Defense stats, you can use it against Pokemon which have double CP than your Onix.

9) Psyduck/Golduck

The good thing with Psyduck/Golduck is despite being a Water type Pokemon, it has usually Psychic type Moves. So it’s very useful when you fight against another Water type Pokemon which uses Water moves, since you have an advantage here.

10) Raticate

Well, nobody can deny that Rattata is one of the most useless Pokemon in this game. But wait till evolves into a Raticate. Especially if it has the combination Bite (Normal Attack) / Hyper Beam (Special Attack) is a powerhouse! Sure its disadvantage is its Low CP, but don’t worry. You can use it in order to train Pokemon which have the double CP than your Raticate.


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  • I don't see how Ditto and Psyduck are underated. Ditto is basically cheating because you can just level him and have all the Pokemon ever.

    • I've seen only a few times a Golduck in a Gym, among the ~500 I've visited.

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