15 Rock Songs With Reggae Influences

I am not a big fan of Reggae to be honest because it sounds really inaccessible as music, but it sounds more accessible when it’s fused with Rock music.

(Songs In Alphabetical Order)

1) 500 Miles by The Hooters (1989)

2) Blue For You by Men At Work (1983)

3) Can’t Stop The Feeling by Preview (1983)

4) Dreadlock Holiday by 10cc (1978)

5) D’yer Maker by Led Zeppelin (1973)

6) Everybody’s Girl by Rick Springfield (1981)

7) Footsteps by The Motels (1983)

8. Guns Of Brixton by The Clash (1979)

9) Half Caste by Thin Lizzy (1975)

10) I Don’t Want To Be Alone by Billy Joel (1980)

11) Prisoner Of Time by Speedway Boulevard (1980)

12) Prisoners In Paradise by The Strand (1980)

13) So Lonely by The Police (1978)

14) Tokyo Nights by Krokus (1980)

15) Watching The Detectives by Elvis Costello (1977)


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  • Glaring omission. I Shot the Sheriff Eric Clapton version written by Bob Marley


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