Five of The Most Evil TV Villains

There are literally hundreds of TV villains who have come and gone throughout the years and this list could be endless, but here are just five of the most evil baddies on TV.

1. Reynard: The Fox on "The Magicians"

Five of The Most Evil TV Villains

Reynard so far, has met no one who can usurp his power, magical in nature, or disappear him somewhere where he can't hurt people. He is a serial killer of epic proportions because he has gone through generations killing and slaughtering magicians in the most brutal ways. Not only that, he is also a serial rapist, preferring to make his female victims suffer for hours on end, before he finally kills them.

In one particular episode, he takes one of his soon to be victims cats and turns it inside out, before setting the mangled cat, still alive on her lap. Then he proceeds to bite her finger off and eat it before then threatening to start eating her while she is still alive to delay his pleasure in the act starting from her toes and working his way up. We don't get to see him actually do this, but when her friend later comes back to find her murdered and bloodied on the ground, her bones are broken and twisted in very unnatural ways. Even when he is not present, one of his only rape victims to survive his merciless attacks attempts to abort the child from that rape, and we see presumably his evil magic forcing the doctor to kill herself before she can perform the operation. Dayum!

2. Ramsey Snow on "Game of Thrones"

Five of The Most Evil TV VillainsThere are quite a few villains on this show, but my vote goes to Ramsey for his relentless love of sadism. This guy tortures Theon Greyjoy by pretending to first rescue him, but really hunting him down to bring him to the castle for more torture. He chains him up on an X mount jamming a knife in his finger which Theon later begs to be cut off. Oh, in case you forgot, Snow castrates Theon and pretends to eat his manhood in front of him. Then he proceeds to further emasculate Greyjoy and convince him that he is now to be called Reek, a creature who is sniveling, and weak, and completely subservient to him.

Then there are those hunting trips where he releases feral hounds on women who "bored him" with the intention to then rape and flay them alive or flay them after death if they were "good sport". Then of course the much controversial brutal rape of Sansa Stark on her wedding night. Let's see what else, he starves people to death, enjoys flaying his victims, enjoys breaking victims teeth, murders children, his father, stepmother and baby stepbrother and peasants, sets people up to take the fall for him, forces others to rape or they'll be further tortured and butchered, and general torture is his hobby.

3. The Borg on "Star Trek"

Five of The Most Evil TV Villains

Awe the Borg. Totally like a more insane level of Wall-E as they represent the literal fear we have of technology "taking over." Their slogan was literally, "resistance is futile," for good measure as their success rate was like 98%, but if you watched any of the iterations, that's wasn't like iron clad or anything. The Borg get the villainy award for their collective and relentless whipping through the galaxy, landing on your ship, your planet, your brains, and assimilating you and turning you and every single person you know including kids, into one giant mechanized collective hive subservient to the whims of one sound, one voice, and unless you were 7 of 9 or the occasional captain of a ship, reversing the process and unplugging you Matrix style from the collective often left you either dead, horribly disfigured, or with serious psychological problems. I mean, loosing your entire identity and becoming part of a machine you were incapable of usurping for the rest of your pretty f'ed up especially considering that once they got to your ship or your planet there would literally be no one left to save you because all of you would be Borg now.

4. Mr. Burns on "The Simpsons"

Five of The Most Evil TV Villains

Burns is a ruthless boss sparing no one, including his loyal assistant Smither's from his tyranny. How else would you label a boss other than a villain who had an actual trap door in his office, often greeted employees and anyone coming to his door with either a releasing of the hounds, or the bees, or the hounds with bees in their mouths, and he makes himself out to be a man who truly only cares about himself and corporate greed so much so that he is willing to frame, injure, mame, cheat, and steal his way to accomplish his goals.

His villainous deeds include engineering biological weapons, "recycling" sea life in order to turn it into slurry, trying to kill his mother, sexually harassing Marge on the job, running over Bart with his car, drugs and tries to entomb Homer, tries to kill both Grandpa and Bart, fires employees on a whim or often forces them to do his bidding, murders several animals fashioning them into clothing and tries to kill puppies to do the same, blocks out the sun, dumps nuclear waste in a nearby park, shuts off power to the city, and quite literally tries to steal candy from a baby.

5. The Mad Hatter aka Jervis Tetch on "Gotham"

Five of The Most Evil TV Villains

The power of the the Mad Hatter compels you should be this guys motto because he uses his sinister powers of hypnotism to compel people to kill themselves, hurt others, or any other number of things he desires. He tries at one point to even drive the entire city into madness. He has an obsession with detective Jim Gordon because he blames him for his sisters death, and will do anything in his power to make him suffer which include forcing him to choose whom he thinks deserves to die with first strangers, killing off the losers, or with his girlfriend and ex-girlfriend whom he still has a thing for. Tetch also has no problem with kidnapping, blackmail, drugging victims, and poisoning people to get what he wants.

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  • Reynard is bad, but there are some other, much worse villains on tv.
    Ramsey is probably the worst, I can't stand him.
    Uhm, Unimatrix Zero usurped the Borg collective :P
    The Mad Hatter is such a cool villain, much more interesting than Joker, but Mr Burns is the funniest :)

    • Ooooo, I know, there are worse villains which is why I said, these are but five of the most evil villains on TV and the idea of worse and evil is relative to the person who is reporting on their acts. I also mentioned quite clearly that the Borg were only successful, despite their infamous slogan, 98% of the time for good reason, but still an entity powerful enough to just corrupt your entire world, is pretty frickin' evil.

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    • Yeah, the list could literally be endless, but these are just a few of the baddy list.

    • Yup, but very cool list, especially Mr Burns :D

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  • Cersei, GoT
    *the mountain in the books
    The Governor, TWD
    Dr. Brenner, Stranger Things
    Juan, the Borgias
    Luck, Bob's Burgers

  • Havier Bardem

    • I'm sure you meant "Javier" Bardem, but what TV villain has he played?

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    • Ok well whatever cuz I seen it on a tv

    • Oh, I see. Both of those characters were movie villains. My list is concentrated on TV villains. You could probably make your own great list of great movie villains and I would love to see it. :)

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