Come On Down! The Price is Right turns 45 this year

September 4, 1972: One of the most popular game shows in US History first aired on CBS. The New Price Is Right was unlike anything ever seen before in a game show. The original game aired from 1957-1965 on NBC but was slightly different than the version that aired in 1972 onwards. in the 1950s version the same four contestants remained on stage the whole 30 minute game and it was just the bidding portion. There were no pricing games or showcases. In 1972 CBS revived the show and made it into the show we know more or less today. They chose Bob Barker who was very well liked on another game show of the era called Truth or Consequences which was a show about silly stunts more like Double Dare which us 80s and 90's kids grew up watching. Bob made the show his own featuring pricing game favorites such as: Plinko, Cliffhangers, Bonus Game, Hole in One, Any Number etc... In 1975 the show expanded to the 60 minute format we all know today which features the best part of the show the big wheel. The show under Bob's guidance won many Emmy awards. In 2007 Bob retired from the show handing over hosting duties to Drew Carey who remains host to this day. New pricing games were added along with ending a moratorium on prizes featuring animal products such as fur coats, ice cream, milk based products etc...that Barker had put in place since the 1980s. While Barker was the orginal host and considered to be the best he was not without controversy. He was accused several times of being sexually harrasing, too powerful, and short with contestants. Drew seemsto be way more enthusastic and open to modern changes. There were rumors that Bob and Rod Roddy (the shows announcer for many years) had a turbulent relationship at times. But still the show remained strong, in fact so strong versions have aired in many countries such as theUK, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, France, and Spain. The show has also been made fun of on Mad TV.

I hope to get to Come on Down for many more years to come. Congratulations to The Price is Right for its 45th season!



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  • My grandma enjoys this show, it was this, wheel of fortune and the soap operas she loved the most. She enjoys Lets Make a Deal too, me too though, it's hilarious :)
    I like all the old shows.


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  • Awesome. I used to watch this show when I was home sick from school.

    • I did too. I always loved to watch Plinko. A preacher a t a church I used to go to went to a taping once at the CBS Studio and said the wheel and everything isn't no where near as big as on TV

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  • Wow can't believe it is turning 45 I used to watch that show

  • loved this show as a kid.


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