My 10 Top Favourite Movies.

Films are quite important to me i can happily rewatch a movie i really like multiple times days in a row... but what are some that i would have to put in my top 10 list..


1. Pulp Fiction

My 10 Top Favourite Movies.

I love love this movie :) I saw it on the big screen the 2nd time it came into cinema and never realize when I'm watching it that its been like 3 hours. I think a good movie is one that doesn't drag and you think to yourself where did the time go? The dance scene will go down in history and every time someone hears the song Chuck Berry - You Never Can Tell.. their mind automatically goes to this! And it just makes them want to dance along.

2. Seven Pounds

My 10 Top Favourite Movies.

The first time I went to watch this movie I was with a friend, he suggested it and told me it was a good movie and said get your tissues ready. I thought it would be all "typical" Hollywood and not my kind of thing at all ...usually anything with Will Smith just does not do it for me. But I can say I had not cried so much in a while. It literally made me feel so many emotions and is just a beautiful, extremely sad, and touching movie.

3. Forrest Gump

My 10 Top Favourite Movies.

I used to watch this movie over and over as a little girl so it holds sentimental value to me as well as just being an amazing movie with fantastic acting and a great story line. "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gunna get" is a quote that everyone thinks of when you think of this movie.

4. The Green Mile

My 10 Top Favourite Movies.

Another movie with Tom Hanks here he has to be one of the best actors in my opinion and think this deserves wholeheartedly to be on this list. I can say I have only ever seen this movie just the once and it automatically became one of my favorites. It brought me emotional trauma. I got into the movie so much and felt so much sympathy for the character (Michael Clarke Duncan) who did a amazing job who sadly died in 2012 from a heart attack RIP.

5. One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

My 10 Top Favourite Movies.

Had to put a classic into this list and having much older parents they introduced me to some movies that maybe I would have not seen otherwise.. and this one is probably my favourite of any other Jack Nicholson movie, the actor is fantastic.

6 Titanic

My 10 Top Favourite Movies.

I literally went on a binge and watched this movies about 12 times in 3 weeks and believe me that is quite something considering it's 3 hours 15 mins long.... what are ways to educate us on what happened to Titanic? Chuck a soppy love story in there and presto we have a story line for hopeless romantics like me who love that kind of stuff. It's pretty much a certain to me i'm always going to cry so when I need to get some emotions out it goes on.. and this movie also has some sentimental value to me because I used to watch it lots as a child.

7. The Lion King

My 10 Top Favourite Movies.

This is by far my favorite Disney movie... such a lovely feel good movie with great music and interesting story. It never fails to make me want to sing along and puts me in a better mood.

I have also never failed to cry when that sad moment where Mufusa dies.... so it makes me feel a whirlwind of emotions and is just as enjoyable for me every time I watch.

8. 10 Things I Hate About You

My 10 Top Favourite Movies.

Apart from the fact heath Ledger is completely gorgeous i just love watching this movie..

You get paid to try date a girl for a bet and then you end up falling hopelessly in love with her? what a great story line and one for anyone who believes in true love. Heath Ledger sadly died in 2008 and won a Oscar for his amazing performance in The Dark Night.

9. American Beauty

My 10 Top Favourite Movies.

So let's make a movie about a bored middle aged man who becomes sexually obsessed with his daughters best it a good story line? I'd certainly say so, but if you have not seen the move don't take it as some cheap, crap, meaningless rubbish as it really is a good movie and most certainly worth the watch.

10. Groundhog DayMy 10 Top Favourite Movies.

Got to say that I just happen to love this movie. Imagine waking up and for the rest of your life every day is the same bloody day!!! Bill Murray manged to get the point across just how frustrated and mad it would send you. Every single night before you go to sleep you just wish to God that it is not the day again and when it happens to be the same day? You go even more crazy.

Hope you enjoyed some of my favourite movies and if anyone wants, go ahead and say what some of their favourite movies are!

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  • Your list is fantastic!

    Mine are:
    1. One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest
    2. 2001: A Space Odyssey
    3. Goodfellas
    4. Trainspotting
    5. Taxi Driver
    6. Cool Hand Luke
    7. Winter Light
    8. Raging Bull
    9. His Girl Friday
    10. The Hustler

    If you like any of those, and you want some suggestions of something new to watch, I have my top 500 here:


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  • Good list. My list is-
    1) LOTR trilogy (simply awesome)
    2) The Shawshank Redemption (simply awesome)
    3) The Green Mile (never cried so much in my life)
    4) Silence of the Lambs
    5) The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises
    6) Alien and Aliens
    7) Indiana Jones series
    8) The Prestige
    9) Se7en
    10) Saving Private Ryan
    11) Forrest Gump


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