Juan Arango, the Criminally Underrated Legend


Juan Fernando Arango Saenz Is wihout shadow of a doubt the best venezuelan player of all time, a dangerous winger on his youth and a world class free kick taker and passer in his older years, Arango was that kind of player that in a matter of seconds could turn a match around with a well placed pass or a thunderbolt from outside the box, in terms of match perfomance throughout his career he is on the same level of the likes of Koke and, Rakitic and James Rodriguez. https://www.whoscored.com/Players/80764/History/Koke


But lets not dwell only in his more than respectable perfomance and stats, lets take a look at what this fucker could do with that Godly Left Foot.

Amazing goals from a truly amazing player that should be more famous and respected.

Juan Arango, the Criminally Underrated Legend
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  • KnightCross
    you are chilean, your national team has so many talents right now, why are u talking about this Venezuelan player?
    • Lorenz965

      Because he was an amazing player on the same level a Koke or Rakitic besides i lived many years in Venezuela and i grew fond of their national squad lastly i like underrated players like Juan Arango, Paolo Guerrero, Justo Villar, players that while being amazing only true football fans know how good they are.

    • actually i know there are lots of underrated players like Guerrero but not sure about Arango since he played in good teams in Europe... by the way u are just overrating him by comparing it to Rakitic

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  • Himig_Ng_Pag-ibig
    Number juan, insane free kicks
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