Latinos: That Amazing "Species"



It's Phoenix again and today I'd like to talk about something that really teases me a lot...Latinos!

Latinos... These amazing

Latinos: That Amazing "Species"

In my opinion they make a really big difference with all other men.

I'd like to mention the top five reasons why I freaking like them


Believe it or not...Latinos are big family fans. They do so much for nearest people and never regret anything.


"My mujer" ... Yea these guys commit very fast in a relationship and it's kinda amazing because it takes a lot time for other guys to do this .


If you wanna experience the best sex of your life "hell yea try a latino " . According to scientific studies Latino/Hispanic men seemed to win the highest scale rates according to sex and kissing . Their sensuality is amazingly pleasing which makes them real gentlemen...


Now when it comes to skin colour I can't say "NO" to that . Its amazingly attractive and very special.


The way a latino speaks makes me melt. They're very lovable! Their sweet talk is impressive . They're able to keep you very very calm with that amazingly sweet language they use.

(This take wasn't posted for racial intentions. Only for personal preferences)

Thanks for reading ... Phoenix

Latinos: That Amazing "Species"
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  • ThisDudeHere
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    • Lol you have your own place 😊 . You're so cute too

  • SlightlyCrazy
    Sorry to burst your bubble
    But that only applies to Latino guys who are good guys
    Honeslty any of those traits can apply to a good guy if any race
    The Latino population has plenty of scumbags just lie any other race
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    • I know 3 latino guys on here that didn't dissapointed me so..

    • HulkkSmash

      I can honestly say even the lesser latinos i know are still good dudes. Even the old guys everyone thinks are creepy are good family men.

    • I know but that's 3 in millions
      I know a good amount of Latino guys
      I'm great friends with one and I like a bunch of the others
      But then a bunch of them are pieces of shit
      It's the same with white guys and black guys
      Any guys
      If you like their looks then power to you
      But those kinds of generalizations just no

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  • legs_n_sheets
    Though there are certain physical and behavioral traits (the latter usually influenced by culture) of each individual race, these you mention are not particular to latinos specifically. I think you are just creating an ideal version of a race that you find particularly attractive.

    I'm not even upset because I'm actually part latino (half italian), but these are faux expectations you have on our latino blood lol, though you might be referring only to hispanic latinos.
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  • FakeName123

    "My mujer" ... Yea these guys commit very fast in a relationship and it's kinda amazing because it takes a lot time for other guys to do this."

    Saying that and doing are two different things. From the experience of female friends I can tell you that a lot of more racey guys do that. Instantly saying she is her love and whatnot and then drop her like a hot potato.
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  • Mario21
    ERRRRR ME GEEEEERSH!!! All of these are me except the last one 😂

    And thank you so much for clearing our name up like that :) cuz there's a bunch of racists that hate me on here :(
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    • Lol they're jelly
      You're the sexiest race in the earth

    • Mario21

      My race not me 😂

    • Even you 😍. You melt me with those latino lips damn it

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  • akadatank44
    Sorry hun but being from a certain race doesn't mean anything. These could be classified as sterotypes. They may be good ones but your still holding them to their race. Let's look at the opposite, bad sterotypes. Black men have a known sterotype of leaving their kids and not being a good father figure. Does that mean every black man holds that quality? Hell no. Just saying the same principles apply.
    • This take was in general.
      I didn't say only Latinos have these characteristics etc. Every race has its own characteristics in my opinion. When we talk in general of course like you said for black people for ex. But Latinos is what I find "I " attractive. Someone else may find other attractive or sth like that. It was just my opinion on them why I like them.

    • Like I said "in general" Latinos have these characteristics then exceptions go until 60 % maybe

    • I see where you can see that understanding. But if that where true how come Latino men are more likely to cheat? The Ashley Madison sight (website for cheaters) for Latinos has grown exponentially since it's launch.

  • HotDogg
    I do enjoy my tanned skin... in fact I haven't worn a shirt in the past 24 hours.
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  • Ephemera1
    I might be Hispanic
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  • TripleAce
    You'll grow out of it
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    • Lol I'm not getting a latino boyfriend. They don't exist in my country 😂

  • HulkkSmash
    Good take. Latinos are definitely one of a kind
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  • mntwins66
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    • Even you latino?😮

    • mntwins66

      I don't think so, but I fit these traits pretty well, aside from the best skin color part, since I'm white. I guess I don't speak like a Latino either but whatever XD

  • Summer_Bunny
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  • Anonymous
    Latinos are a species now? 😮
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  • Anonymous
    Yeah, some Latinos are amazing and hot
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