Arts and Personal Emotion

Yesterday, I got picked on for not having sexual attraction for women in a way that people would expect. I listened to music to cheer myself up. Today, my family and I had visited a historical court along with statues and trees dating back before my fathers birth and childhood, prompting me to take more photos. I wasn't sad or discouraged, or anything like that, but those situations caused me to actually feel something.

Arts and Personal Emotion

I apologize for the personal Take, however I feel as though this subject really needs to be addressed. I can understand the thought that I really shouldn't be talking like this, and should be going back to more logical matters, but I also understand that all art has a meaning to something, even those drawn by little kids who scribble over the paper.

This is an emotional reference, because what you create, what you listen to has an influence on what how you're feeling, and it corresponds to personal uprisings, or tragic memories.

Personal Emotion

Have you ever grieved because you've lost a good friend(s) because of whatever reason, such as splitting, insecurity, or dangerous habits? Or have you ever felt something just from looking at a certain painting, photo, etc?

Arts and Personal Emotion

All art is created by thought, and is controlled by emotion. The strokes of your brush, the tone of your singing voice, and when you're feeling something due to something you see or something that you're listening to, you are likely to develop a certain attraction to whatever it is. With photographers such as myself and a fellow GaGer, every photo you take is due to a personal feeling that something is beautiful, interesting, attractive, or memorable in some form or fashion. It's really because you find a general something beatiful or interesting.

All of the songs that you like and all of the art you create has personal references, which is why you're likely to like a song that has a great expression of an emotion you're feeling, because whatever song has linked to the emotion you're feeling. This is why you're likely to either look for breakup songs during a breakup. The more that the song fits into your experience with anything, the better.

Memories, Nostalgia, and Dreams

As I said before, the arts are referenced into your mind and soul. For example: a painting or photo of a boy and his father with each other can be emotionally stimulating, because you've either had a father, or you're likely to want one.. and it doesn't matter if the memories of the person/people that you're thinking of were good either.

Arts and Personal Emotion

If you have negative memories with someone you're looking at, those memories are going to reappear if you look at something that reminds you of the person you're thinking about, and this doesn't necessarily mean that the memories were all good or all bad.. it only means what whatever art that you're looking at can reminds you of someone or memory, because their art can reflect on similar past experiences that you've had as well.

P.s.. for this very reason, this is the only reason why I only listen to songs that I listened to as a younger kid. My life was much happier, and I was able to feel emotion much more. Life wasn't nearly as important as it is to me now, and just about every time I listened to a song that I listened to now, it was because something very memorable happened such as a childhood dance.

General Personality or Present Emotions

Personally, I'm a pretty boring person for being so serious and nonchalant all the time. I get excited and/or happy for shorts amounts of time at at time, and because of that calming/quiet personality, you're more likely to listen to music that will keep you that way, especially if you're content with your emotional personality. Likewise, if you are generally outgoing, easy going, and very talkative, you may prefer more upbeat music such as pop or metal. And of course, if you're emotional, you're probably to like anything as long as it fits into what your feeling.

Arts and Personal Emotion

In art, there are no exceptions to this either. Say you're scrolling through a bunch of pictures while you're grieving for the loss of your friends, family, or old memories. You aren't going to care much about screenshots of school or work, because it isn't what you feel like looking for. Now personally this isn't something that I normally do whenever I scroll through the photos, but nevertheless.. I've had it happen, and I see it happen a lot. Nothing to be ashamed of, it's normal.

Because of this same reason, art can make you smile, open your eyes, tone you down, and it can make you dance. If there's anything that's really hyping you up, or toning you down, your body will move accordingly. It's not the arts that are getting you to move. It's really the emotion you're feeling inside within your soul.

Anyways again, I apologize for the personal Take. Just something I felt* like putting out there, because art is pretty much all around us. If something exists, someone's going to like or be appreciative to what it is one way or another, even if it is just a simple pic of the skies.

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  • Thank you for sharing your MyTake, very well written and yes
    i agree that Art does tell lot on how one feels about things or
    it tells you lot about their emotions. All my life I've notice
    different things have played a big part on my emotions anything
    from Art work to certain songs playing will effect my emotions.

    • Haha thank you! Do you paint/do photography or anything like that?

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    • Oh, very nice. Fall is my favorite season too lol

    • Yeah Summer can be too hot to the point that A/C doesn't do much to
      cool the house down and in the Winter months you got turn the heat up
      but it's so cold that the furnace doesn't do much to heat the place up so
      yes i like Fall season. The leaves change and October we have like
      Indian Summer and temperatures are still warm into the 70's +

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  • Well that's the only reason bc of which art is integral part of our race. As like always, nicely written take. And writing personal takes isn't a bad thing. It helps you express ourselves also people can understand you bc of it. That editor badge suits you lol

    • Thanks, but I really feel like it's a curse to me now. Writing Takes used to be enjoyable.

  • i like honeycomb (abstract and car wrap), graffiti, car wraps/paintjobs (especially Lamborghini aventador, mclaren 12 c), abstract wallpapers (with lots of colors), full hd very detailed beautiful landscapes... try to search them on google images, you'll love them ;)


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