My Issues With Hollywood and Parts of Western Media


Allow me to start off by stating I don't watch tv much. The only shows I watch currently are Game of Thrones due to my Parents nagging me into watching it (which is quite a good show) and a somewhat unknown show by the name Lucifer on Fox. I rarely touch movies anymore either. Most of what I watch just spans from documentaries to youtube videos to (You see my profile picture so you probably guessed it) anime.

However, I still feel both bored and entitled to bitch and state what has already been stated by others about Hollywood.

My Issues With Hollywood and Parts of Western Media

"Hollywood" the amount of energy they put into thinking of Movies is less than Trump puts in his Combover.

The retread after retread. And no it's not like there are no more ideas out there the last movie I saw in theaters which was the best movie I have seen in years was Kimi no na wa, or for those who are less aware of Japan "Your Name" bloody masterpiece in my eyes. Fresh. Something new. It just about made me cry and I am an emotionless bastard. I can watch buses run into lakes while full of children and I don't bat an eye so that's saying something. So there are clearly many ideas out there that could make a good movie. The issue is their goal is not a masterpiece. Their goal is easy profit for the least amount of effort. Fucking pure capitalism at its core.

To list the second issue that is brand new straight off the presses the movies now have Political weight with them. Now granted they always have back when the main enemy was the scary communists and everyone was on edge and so media had to push that anti red movement *while the Democrats, by the way, were not very opposed to Russia then*

But at least the movies were good. Now we got four fat chicks trying to rebrand a movie for political gain.

My Issues With Hollywood and Parts of Western Media

Granted I saw the Movie being reviewed on Cinema sins and was not that triggered "Lol" by it, it was an ok popcorn flick but the fact they had to give it some alt left backing really annoys me.

The goal of a Movie in my eyes is to bring forth an interesting idea from the bowels of Hell or some distant place, something that the general sheeple have not thought upon and to make it simple yet complex enough to get the little gears that the average sheeple has turning.

Whether that be a British kid with jam jar glasses in a magical boarding school, whether it is a few dwarfs traveling a long distance for gold, or even... *sigh* dare I say it sparkling teens fighting over the most emotionless women in the world. Whether it's something stupid or good it's meant to spark conversation in a good way.

And yet time and time again it seems even when they are given a fucking amazing foundation like a futuristic world based on an Anime *Ghost in the shell* or fucking Assassins in medievalist Spain *that God awful assassins creed movie* they fail and fall really short, which shows me it's not the idea's or setting, it's that they are not even trying.

As for Television which is meant to be a bit more shit, there are few good shows in that. There are a few uncommon gems every once in awhile but not that many. Even then there is only so much they can pull the most recent one to push an envelope would be the walking dead *gore wise* Game of thrones *all that fucking sex* and Lucifer *to piss off the evangelicals* and yet that seems to be about it.

They fucked the new star trek it seems and while I wanted a female Doctor for DW they may have fucked that with some British leftist bullshit.

There are many many books and idea's for both television and movies and yet no one seems to want to execute them. Most television is dreary sit coms which use to be at least palatable like Rosan or home improvement but now you have shit like Modern family or Latinos with fat asses *the Kardashians* and reality tv show after reality tv show. Seriously, I would rather chain watch Re;zero ten times as torture than watch another fucking sit com/reality bullshit.

My Issues With Hollywood and Parts of Western Media
What in the fuck is this shit? have you bothered to watch an episode of this they can't even afford a fucking camera man to not zoom it fucking in and out with shaky cam. I am more annoyed by the fact that the two Gay guy's in this are not using their power of fabulousness to fix this fucking bullshit.

Least Big bang theory does not give me a headache every time I glance at the screen after spinning five fidget spinners on my fingers because of how bored I am.

I know a lot of you are tired of the current selection of television and movies as well. Over 1000 channels and almost all of them dog shit. It's why in recent years most just don't have cable or pay for shitty packages and just use streaming services.

Which is good. If you want the industry to change and fix itself you have to vote for it and the only way to vote in this nation is by money. If we starve those bastards long enough they will be forced to change and to do something new or die. Even more so for Hollywood who's actors think themselves some saints fighting the evil "fascists" by starring in socially promoted and approved films by the trigger committee.

The only way for shit to improve is by YOU the viewer. Start breathing down the back of their necks. They have gotten nice and comfortable under their 10,000 dollar feathery bed paid for by another fucking Transformers or superhero reboot. It's time we drag them out of bed by the hair and show them what we what! They will either give us good shit or they will starve. As it should. No more fucking reboots, no more shitty one-word love story that acts like porn for women, no more used ideas, and definitely no more Michael Bay films!

I want a new movie, an interesting movie. I want a movie so great as to make me cry, want to blow something up, and fall into madness at the same time. I want a movie so grand as to make every bastard across this earth to drop their shit and watch. All I ask for is entertainment. Entertainment as to remind us of what it is to live. To feel...

Tell me your opinion in the comments of this and metaphorical girl scout cookies for who ever has seen your name in subtitles as well.

It's currently 2:35am I have been Otaku by the way. Thanks for chilling in this rant with me.

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My Issues With Hollywood and Parts of Western Media
My Issues With Hollywood and Parts of Western Media
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