Jay Park Releasing Songs in the United States: Here's His Top 5 So Far

Jay Park Releasing Songs in the United States: Here's His Top 5 So Far

This guy was originally in a Kpop group but after a scandal he had to leave. Some 3 year old messages from MSN got leaked that he wrote when he was 15 where he said he hates Korea (he's originally from the U.S. but went there to become a star and train) but they think he's a god at rapping even though he sucks.

Even though it was mostly homesickness that probably lead to these comments to a friend it was a big deal in Korea so he left the group but later on he went solo and started his own label that is now quite big with a lot of hip hop/rnb artists. At the same time, he still makes his own music and performs.

Now he signed a deal with Roc Nation even though he already has his own label so I assume tha he might make some English songs and release them in the U.S. So far all he's done is appear in a MV but it hasn't been long yet.

But I thought I'd show a quick list of the songs he's made in the past for anybody who's interested.

#1 You Know

At first glance this song might seem like just another song bragging about girls or so but it's actually not really ^^.

It's more an apology.

The song is kinda depressing in the essence because it feels like the girl he's talking about he actually cares about her but he still keeps destroying everything. He keeps pushing her away and hurting her (also hurting himself) but he still gets pulled back to her again.

And she also knows what's going on but keeps playing along anyway.

They are lonely and they know it's bad but they can't stop the destructive lifestyle. They keep trying to fill the whole inside with quick sex and other instant gratification but it's not working. And the instrumental is just so good ! It fits the theme and it's just good in general they're also very laid back that just adds to the kind of cold sad atmosphere but at the same time.

That's kind of interpretation but that's what I took away from the song anyway. But I also just like it from a musical standpoint ^^.

#2 Joah

This is from 2013 so quite a while ago. This song is petty standard I like this girl song but it has a nice instrumental and vibe and melody I don't know it's pretty catchy ^^.

#3 ON IT

A rap song in English ^^ I think it's not bad :)

#4 Solo

This is another song about a girl hoping she's single ^^


This is the newest song also a song about a girl (they are common XD ) About escaping together basically and not wanting her to find someone else ^^

I'm not a huge fan but he is quite talented and I'm kinda in the Kpop community so you learn quite a lot about people even if you don't follow them yourself ^^. I do like a few songs by him these are like I said the best in my opinion, did you like any ? :P Would you be interested in a U.S. release ? If not that's totally fine ^^.

Peace and have a good day :P


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  • lol why is that you? lol I love Kpop even thought though I am an American and don't understand lyrics. lol Koreans are hot! you did a great job! Thanks!

    • np ^^ I just write about stuff. I think a lot so maybe it helps me clear my mind a bit, and I kinda like doing it :)

    • That's awesome! (-:

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