Pink performs @ SNL

Pink performs @ SNL

I like Pink and feel she was a good choice for the week's topic. She's actually a great singer unlike many names out their, she isn't really a label and she's a stable person.

I know it sounds like that really isn't asking a lot.

But in all reality as far as successful solo artists she's basically a rare kind a triple threat. Taylor Swift is fine but everything she is, is about branding.

Pink was a welcome breeze of fresh air.

Pink performs @ SNL
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  • NatashaJ
    I agree she is and I notice she been more serious than other singers. She has more serious themes in her songs.
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    • sjoes006

      Ha yeah she's been pretty consistent and that's a really old vid. She had the looks and pipes to really sell out and be that stupid girl.

      She just didn't. I didn't even know how well she could actually sing until Moulin Rouge.

    • NatashaJ

      Well the thing is I pick this one song because there not that many female artists making songs about this lol. Also, Pink is not making that music videos 2015-2017 the most recent one is true love

    • NatashaJ

      that many music videos* anymore*

  • zagor
    Why did she choose such a stupid stage name?
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    • sjoes006

      Well, that's fair, and I don't know the answer. She started singing really young and used to die her hair pink.

      I don't think she wanted to perform under her real name, if I remember correctly, she could maintain a low profile and not be recognized when she went out in public with blond hair and less makeup.

      Girls got pipes though, she's been around for almost two decades and keeps it real, while keeping it low profile.

      The only Ther female artist I can think of that follows this is Adele. Amy Winehouse never sought out the news she was an easy target during her last years. But up until Back to Black she really avoided most of it and hated it when she couldn't.

      The music was hers. I guess that's the thing. It so easy to tell when the words aren't their own or cowritten and just not unfiltered.

      So many female artists are brands more than artists.