The Stranglers Album Reviews: The Gospel According To The MenInBlack (1981 / UK #8)

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The Stranglers Album Reviews: The Gospel According To The MenInBlack (1981 / UK #8)

The most forgotten album from their discography with Hugh Cornwell as the frontman. Their commercial success was declining more and more, and even if the album reached the UK Top 10, it didn't score any Top 40 hits.

1) Waltzinblack 5/5

An excellent instrumental, they used to play as an intro in their live sets during this period. It has Gothic and Dark Wave influences.

2) Just Like Nothing On Earth 4/5

It has a pretty cool bass line, that it was also used in their song No Mercy, in 1984.

3) Second Coming 3.5/5

Sound wise isn't anything special, but the lyrics are pretty funny. Everybody wonders how Jesus actually looks like.

4) Waiting For The MenInBlack 4.5/5

Apart from the kickass Synth solo in the middle, bonus points for the epic lyric I'm clutching my teddy bear, if I don't I might die of fright.

5) Turn The Centuries Turn 5/5

Another excellent instrumental, but not as much known as the opening track. The best one from the album in my opinion.

6) Two Sunspots 3/5

Just "meh". An average Synth-pop tune.

7) Four Horsemen 4/5

Probably the best cut from the B-Side of the record.

8. Thrown Away 4/5

The lead single of the album, reached only #42. It's the most Radio friendly tune of the record. It could do better, but my guess is that not only the music but the lyrics of this album in general as well, were way too weird for the mainstream audience.

9) Manna Machine 4.5/5

The weirdest song of the album. Cannot tell what genre is, but sounds like the Manna Machine is working perfectly!

10) Hallow To Our Men 3.5/5

A huge letdown for a closing track. Although the outro that sounds like a spaceship taking off, makes up for it.

Overall 4/5

A little bit quirky even for The Stranglers standards. But still there are many good points on this record. I also like the theme of this concept album, but this is the end of The Stranglers' obsession with the occultism.


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