The Stranglers Album Reviews: Black & White (UK #2 / 1978)

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The Stranglers Album Reviews: Black & White (UK #2 / 1978)

This is considered one of the earliest Post-Punk records, by many critics. But actually the real Post-Punk pioneers were Suicide. Anyway, here The Stranglers go for a darker sound.

1) Tank 4/5

A nice opening, with a great Synth solo in the middle.

2) Nice 'N Sleazy 5/5

The biggest hit of the album (UK #18) , and the only single released from it. It has one of the best Bass Lines in music in general and it has also a Synth solo in the middle. The song is also a Live favorite till today, but when it came out it was an event! They used to bring strippers on stage when they were playing this song.

3) Outside Tokyo 4/5

This one, counts more as an interlude perhaps. It is the mellowest song of the album, and also the one with the most bizarre ones. Guess they refer to...some watch commercial?

4) Sweden (All Quiet On The Eastern Front) 4.5/5

This one, also had a music video. Hugh Cornwell, JJ Burnel and David Greenfield were dressed as doctors, and Jet Black (their drummer) was pretending to be dead. There's also a version sung in Swedish for this song.

5) Hey! (Rise Of The Robots) 3.5/5


With this song, The Stranglers started developing a fascination for Sci-fi themes, that would become more dominant in their two next albums. It was also the first song where they started using horn instruments.

6) Toiler On The Sea 5/5

The best song of the album in my opinion, and it was also the song that inspired the band A Flock Of Seagulls calling themselves like that. You can hear the lyric A Flock Of Seagulls during the song.

7) Curfew 5/5

This is a duet by JJ Burnel who sings the verses and Hugh Cornwell who sings the chorus. An excellent New Wave song.

8. Threatened 5/5

Another song with a kickass bass line, but unfortunately not as known as Nice N' Sleazy.

9) Do You Wanna? 3/5

The weakest song of the album in my opinion. One of the rare occasions where Dave Greenfield does the Lead Vocals.

10) Death & Night & Blood 3.5/5

A continuation of the previous song. I like it a little bit more personally.

11) In The Shadows 4/5

This is the most Post-Punk song of the record, heavily influenced by the Post-Punk pioneers, Suicide. Also they started playing it live since 1977, so we can safely say that The Stranglers were the second Post-Punk pioneers!

12) Enough Time 5/5

Another excellent closing track, as they did on the first two albums. The lyrics are perhaps about some nuclear destruction, judging by the sound of the nuclear device (maybe) during the middle. A common topic for many New Wave acts that they will appear during the further years.

Overall 4.5/5

Although the album was influential, it was the beginning of The Stranglers commercial decline. Sound-wise, they developed a darker sound, made popular by acts like Joy Division a year later.


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  • Cool, I don't know anything about them, but your review is quite informative :)


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