The Stranglers Non-Album Singles And B-Sides: Period 1982-1984





1) Aural Sculpture Manifesto free 7" single from the album Feline (1982) 4/5

A spoken word manifesto, with some keyboard layers over it. Very interesting. The original 7" single, is very rare and it's considered a collectible item among the fans. It was a free 7" single they were giving with the first edition of the album.

2) Savage Breast B-Side of the single European Female (1982) 3.5/5

I would prefer it, if this was in the album Feline instead of Never Say Goodbye.

3) Vladimir And Olga B-Side of the single Midnight Summer Dream (1983) 4/5

This was the start of their series with Vladimir as the main protagonist. Kinda creepy song with that Church Organ as the background. The laughs at the end of the song, make it even more creepy.

4) Pawsher B-Side of the single Paradise (1983) 4.5/5

I don't know what the word "Pawsher" means, but sure this song kicks ass, even if it has no words, instead of repeating the word "Pawsher" every few seconds.

5) Permission Demo (1983) 5/5

An excellent demo, that didn't make it in the album Feline. Too bad.

6) Here And There B-Side of the single Skin Deep (1984) 3.5/5

Very good, yet not excellent.

7) Vladimir And The Beast (Part III) B-Side of the single Skin Deep, 12" only (1984) 5/5

Definitely my favourite part of the Vladimir series.

8. In One Door B-Side of the single No Mercy 4.5/5

And this would be my favourite B-Side of the singles from their album Aural Sculpture.

9) Hot Club (Riot Mix) B-Side of the single No Mercy, 12" version only (1984) 4/5

Imagine you are in some Irish pub, where a brawl is taking place. Well that's what I imagine when I listen to it.

10) Head On The Line B-Side of the EP No Mercy (1984) 4.5/5

This is the only version this song can be found. Sorry for not finding the proper version, by the way. I believe this should be the 11th song of Aural Sculpture, instead of Mad Hatter.

11) Achilles Heel B-Side of the single Let Me Down Easy (1985) 4.5/5

Great B-Side as well. Their B-Sides were becoming better and better, unlike their early years.

12) Place De Victoires B-Side of the single Let Me Down Easy, 12" version only (1985) 4/5

Just an instrumental version of the song Let Me Down Easy. Nothing more.

13) Vladimir Goes To Havana B-Side of the single Let Me Down Easy (only in the collector's edition of the single) (1985) 3.5/5

This song is found only in a certain edition of the single Let Me Down Easy. But now since the remastered version of Aural Sculpture was released, it's not that hard to be found anymore. A pretty good song that has a more Russian vibe than the previous ones from the Vladimir series, but personally I find it less good than the others.

The Stranglers Non-Album Singles And B-Sides: Period 1982-1984
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