The Stranglers Non-Album Singles And B-Sides Part III (1980-1982)




1) Who Wants The World single (1980) 5/5

I don't understand why the Studio version was never returned as a Bonus Track in the Remastered versions of The Stranglers albums...too bad. You can find a Live Version of the song in their Live album All Live And All Of The Night.

2) Tomorrow Was The Hereafter Demo (1980) 3.5/5

This was an old demo from 1975 actually, that's why it sticks out musically. A little bit better than the two previous Bonus Tracks though.

3) Top Secret B-Side of the single Thrown Away (1981) 3/5

I like the theme of the song, as a big fan of occultism...but musically isn't anything special.

4) Maninwhite B-Side of the single Just Like Nothing On Earth (1981) 3/5

Same case as above.

5) Vietnamerica B-Side of the single Let Me Introduce You To The Family (1981) 2.5/5

Eh...just a meaningless B-Side

6) Love 30 B-Side Of The Single Golden Brown (1981) 3.5/5

Personally I prefer it more than the A-Side. Obviously it couldn't be the A-Side, because it's too antimainstream.

7) Cocktail Nubiles outtake (1981) 4/5

I don't know when it was recorded exactly, but guess it was about during the La Folie sessions. A funny version of the song Bring On The Nubiles from their album No More Heroes, sung in a Baroque Pop style.

8. You Hold The Key To My Love In Your Hands Demo (1981) 3/5

It's just OK, but no worse than some songs that made it in their La Folie album.

9) Strange Little Girl Single (1982) 4.5/5

This is one of their earliest songs, but the first time they released a studio version of it, was in 1982. A great melodic song, but I wish it was longer.

10) Cruel Garden B-Side of the single Strange Little Girl (1982) 3/5

Just OK. Nothing more.

Overall 3.5/5

Sure they had their ups and downs in this period, but one thing is certain. It was their most commercially successful period, thanks to their single Golden Brown.

The Stranglers Non-Album Singles And B-Sides Part III (1980-1982)
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