The Stranglers Album Reviews: Dreamtime (1986 / UK #16)

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The Stranglers Album Reviews: Dreamtime (1986 / UK #16)

This was the lowest charting album of the Hugh Cornwell era, in the UK charts. But, it was the first album that made it into the American charts, still at a very low spot (#172). But even though, this made the lead singer believing that in the next album they will finally have the American success he was longing for. The rest of the band on the other hand, didn't care about American success.

1) Always The Sun 3.5/5

It was a big disappointment for the band, when this song reached only at the #30 in the UK charts. Still, it did better in the Australian charts (#21). But I believe it was an even bigger disappointment for Hugh that this song didn't make it in the US charts.

2) Dreamtime 4/5

Is it my impression, or they use again the guitar riff from Just Like Nothing On Earth, which was also used in No Mercy? Anyway, it's a very good song.

3) Was It You? 2/5

They should keep it as a B-Side better, way too corny.

4) You'll Always Reap What You Sow 5/5

The best song of the album by far. Here, Hugh Cornwell tries to emulate Lou Reed as it seems, particularly on his song Perfect Day.

5) Ghost Train 4/5

I'd bet by Ghost Train, Hugh talks about The Stranglers. Since Aural Sculpture he had plans for leaving the band.

6) Nice In Nice 3.5/5

Good song, but the music video was even better. The Stranglers were dressed as Daltons.

7) Big In America 4/5

I believe this should be the lead single, instead of Always The Sun. It would help them to make it in America, since the song talks about it, plus it had a music video with some excellent computer graphics.

8. Shakin' Like A Leaf 3/5

I think it was a bad choice for a single, because it was out of sync with the times. It was more like a Swing/Doo Woop song.

9) Mayan Skies 4/5

Another pretty good Dream Pop song like the title track or Ghost Train.

10) Too Precious 3/5

Just average. Nothing more.

Overall 3.5/5

Sure, The Stranglers weren't as good as they were when they started, but still it's a decent album.


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  • "Always the Sun", even more than "Golden Brown" was arguably their first American hit.

    • Seriously it DID get American airplay, and introduced many of us here to the genius of The Stranglers.

    • Really? Guess you should know more since you lived during that era. Did it get any airplay in the Mainstream Rock charts? Because from what I've found so far it didn't chart in the US Top 100.

      According to an interview here, JJ Burnel says that "Always The Sun" received American airplay though:

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