The Stranglers Album Reviews: Aural Sculpture (1984 / UK #14)


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The Stranglers Album Reviews: Aural Sculpture (1984 / UK #14)

From now on, The Stranglers made their sound even more mainstream,because Hugh Cornwell started wanting to make it in America. Although they didn't break through the US, the album reached the Canadian Top 40. Up to this point, no album or song from The Stranglers made it in the US charts.

1) Ice Queen 4.5/5

The A-Side of the record was filled with the singles and also the better songs from the record. This one was the least known one, but it's really good with the majestic keyboards.

2) Skin Deep 4.5/5

The lead single of the album. The video clip of the song was very memorable, as you could notice apart from Hugh, the rest of the band were looking very bored. It was a sign that in the further years their relationship would become worse. By the way, this song almost made it in the Australian Top 10, reaching #11.

3) Let Me Down Easy 4/5

A very good song, but I guess it was a big disappointment for the fans of their early sound. Both the music and the lyrics, sound very... grandpaish.

4) No Mercy 4/5

As I said before, here they use the riff from the song Just Like Nothing On Earth. Although it was only a moderate hit in the UK (#37), this song was their biggest hit in Canada, reaching #88. Sure a minor hit, but it was their only song that made it in the Canadian charts.

5) North Winds 4.5/5

My favorite song of the album. They still play it live sometimes, even if it wasn't a hit.

6) Uptown 3/5

Often misheard as Gonna grab my cock, instead of Gonna grab my crop.

7) Punch & Judy 3.5/5

Great drumming before the chorus, and also the horn section is very good. The lyrics are way too cheesy though.

8. Spain 2.5/5

Strangely it was released as a single. VERY bad choice. Obviously it didn't chart.

9) Laughing 2.5/5

Just a mediocre mid-tempo song. Nothing more.

10) Souls 4/5

The best song from the B-Side of the record. For some reason, the CD version of the album skips the second verse, unfortunately.

11) Mad Hatter 1/5

Easily, the worst song of their career. This should never be released.

Overall 3/5

The A-Side is very good, but the B-Side is filled mostly with fillers. From this point on, tensions between the band members started to rise, especially between Hugh and JJ. The latter pushed the former against a wall during a live gig in Rome a few months after the release of the album.


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