The Stranglers Album Reviews: La Folie (1981/UK #11)

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The Stranglers Album Reviews: La Folie (1981/UK #11)

This album brought The Stranglers back to the spotlight, thanks to the song Golden Brown (UK #2), their biggest hit of their career. Although the song was a smash hit, it was their first album that missed the Top 10 spot.

1) Non-Stop 2.5/5

Nothing special here, the least memorable track of the record.

2) Everybody Loves You When You Are Dead 3/5

Maybe it's not the strongest track of the record, but the title is so damn true. Seems like you become a saint when you die, no matter how much evil you were when you were alive.

3) Tramp 4/5

This was supposed to be released as a single, but the title track was released instead. Even though I like the title track more, this would be a better choice for a single. The title track was sung in French, and since they were a British's obviously a bad choice.

4) Let Me Introduce You To The Family 4.5/5

The bass and drum section of the song is very tight and I like the way Hugh Cornwell sings here.

5) Ain't Nothin' To It 3/5

This album had some fillers, and this one is one of them. Not a bad song, but not what you would call a kickass one.

6) The Man They Love To Hate 4.5/5

This song has the coolest bass line of the record, but unfortunately one of the most obscure tracks of their discography.

7) Pin Up 3/5

Just another filler of the album. Fortunately the last one.

8. It Only Takes Two To Tango 4/5

Very catchy song, and it could also be a pretty good single, and make The Stranglers even bigger.

9) Golden Brown 3.5/5

I would give it a higher grade, but I think it becomes tedious after a while.

10) How To Find True Love And Happiness In The Present Day 5/5

The best song from the album. Not what you'd call "accessible", but still it has a Pop appeal, and the lyrics speak to you. Rumor is, that Hugh mellowed a lot after his stay in the prison (he was imprisoned in 1980 for drugs possession) and he didn't have this rebellious attitude (not as much as JJ, but still did) he had in the first albums.

11) La Folie 5/5

As I said it's massive, but not a good choice for a single. Maybe if they'd released an English version...

Overall 4/5

Strangely, even if Golden Brown was a big hit in the UK, and also made it in the Australian Top 10, they didn't make it in the US. Also this was the last album with Hugh Cornwell, liked from JJ Burnel. The latter wasn't very fond of the albums with the Epic label they will release later.


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