The Stranglers Album Reviews: No More Heroes (1977/UK #2)

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The Stranglers Album Reviews: No More Heroes (1977/UK #2)

This is their sophomore album, and also a bigger success than their debut, reaching the #2 spot. Here they follow a more aggressive Punkier sound, without abandoning their signature keyboard sound, unlike most Punk bands of the era.

1. I Feel Like A Wog 3.5/5

This song has been considered racist because of the word "Wog". Wog was an old British slang term, characterizing Indian or Pakistani people. Apart from this, it's a cool song.

2. Bitching 3.5/5

The Pub Rock influences are still around. A pretty decent track, yet not the best of the album.

3. Dead Ringer 4/5

Here the lyrics are perhaps political-related. It could be a song by The Clash, why not?

4. Dagenham Dave 4/5

Now they approach a darker theme, talking about a friend's suicide. Still the music is pretty upbeat, and I like the anthemic chorus

5. Bring On The Nubiles 5/5

The best song from the A-side. Some years later they made a remake called Cocktail Nubiles. It was made during the sessions of the album La Folie, and they used a different arrangement than the one here, in the Baroque Pop style of their 6th album.

6. Something Better Change 3/5

Although it was the lead single of the LP, it was the weaker song of the album in my opinion. Still it managed to be a Top 10 hit in the UK.

7. No More Heroes 5/5

Another UK Top 10 hit for The Stranglers, and perhaps the biggest hit of the 70s era of The Stranglers. Simply a classic.

8. Peasant In The Big Shitty 4.5/5

One of the rare occasions, where keyboardist Dave Greenfield does the lead vocals. A kinda creepy song, but that's what made The Stranglers cool.

9. Burning Up Time 3.5/5

The punkiest song, from the B-Side of the disc. I like it less than the rest though, but it has a pretty good keyboard solo.

10. English Towns 5/5

Short song, but it kicks ass! Like the guitar solo in the middle.

11. School Mam 5/5

Another 7 minute classic, just like Down In The Sewer from their previous album. Shall we call it "Progressive Punk" maybe?

Overall 4/5

The most aggressive album by The Stranglers, and that was also another reason why they were labeled as a Punk band, and from now on The Stranglers will become more mellow as years go by.


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