The Stranglers Albums: Feline (1983 - UK #4)


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The Stranglers Albums: Feline (1983 - UK #4)

The Stranglers changed label and changed their sound. This album brought them success in the continental Europe.

1) Midnight Summer Dream 5/5

My favorite song by them. The keyboard intro is really epic and I like the way Hugh sings here. It's actually a spoken word song. There's also a 12" version of it, which is good too, but not as good as the album version.

2) It's A Small World 4.5/5

Maybe some people might consider the drums here really kitsch, but personally I like them.

3) Ships That Pass In The Night 4.5/5

A very good bass line, coupled with electronic drums. Really good combo.

4) European Female (In Celebration Of) 4.5/5

Can you believe how much The Stranglers have changed, since 1977? And that was only 5 years and some months.

5) Let's Tango In Paris 4/5

That's an obvious proof, that The Stranglers wanted to make it in the continental Europe (If you listen to any track from #4 till #7 you will understand) . And they did it.

6) Paradise 4.5/5

This is the only single released, where Dave Greenfield does the lead vocals. It missed the UK Top 40, but still it's a great song.

7) All Roads Lead To Rome 5/5

The synthiest song of the album, and one of their best. I like the lyric Peasants and their peasant smells, hungry enough to touch your face.

8. Blue Sister 5/5

I really love the intro here. Very hypnotic. And the rest of the song is great too.

9) Never Say Goodbye 3.5/5

My least favorite song of the record. Not bad at all, just not as great as the rest.

Overall 4.5/5

My favorite album of them. Here they sound more like Ultravox or Visage. So I would consider it, a New Romantic album.

The Stranglers Albums: Feline (1983 - UK #4)
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