Music Has Always Had the Words

Music is my passion, I mean by that "I can't live a single day without it". Passion comes from the greek Pathos literally meaning Pain. I love it so much it can hurt.

That was for the simple intro ;).

In all seriousness I define myself by music since around 14 years old, metal and rock got me out of suicide. I attempted to hang myself and failed (obviously) since I didn't have a single friend from the moment I was born. Feeling secluded and alone I kept asking "Why don't people like me" , everything changed (when the Fire Nation attacked lol just joking) when the rope around my neck broke and i fell in the stairs. I got up and the first thing I asked was "Why do I fucking care if they like me or not?" that is when i changed.

From that point I did what I liked and never gave 2 shits whether you liked it or not. Metal and Rock mostly helped me through those times.

As someone who has a hard time expressing his feelings, his problems, his fears and his emotions, I heavily rely on the only thing I've known to express those things. I have found that no matter what I felt there was ALWAYS a song to describe (more or less accurately) what I felt.

And you wanna know the best part ? It's when my ex-girlfriend understood without asking. She would just ask "hey babe how are you?", i'd share a song and before it even ended she would hug me and ask "really ? that bad ?". Music connects the generations and people with each other, I started out with my dad's music : Iron Maiden, ACDC, Green Day and Motley Crue. My mom was Lenny Kravitz, U2 and Francis Cabrel (french singer with very VERY beautiful lyrics --> Yes I'm french as if my screen name wasn't a clue).

You can tell a lot from a person's mindset when you pay attention to what they listen to. Music defines me and if I go deaf I won't TRY to kill myself, I will.

Considering what I've said regarding how important music is to me, I sometimes get jumpy on the subject. When a random highschooler said "Metal sucks, it's worse than Jul" (french "rapper" who is universally hated in France for the most part).... My friends who know my story had to hold me down since i flipped 2 tables trying to get to that kid. Metal to me is the summit of musicality : it takes years of dedication, talent, pain and skill to master your instrument (and I'm not even close to "good" with 14 years of drumming).

I'm a drummer as you just learned, but also a guitarist : i'm self taught and have been playing for a bit more than a year. Metal is an aggressive music style, but it reflects how I see the world, a painful place where nothing worth having comes easy. But within that harsh style exists the most beautiful songs i've ever heard, I could take any of these beautiful songs and dedicate an entire MyTake on a complete analysis

But I believe we are getting sidetracked, what I'm trying to say is no matter what mood i'm in, no matter what dark place i may be in music has always the words to express what i feel, and someone who can understand that as well as appreciate music (not just metal and rock) as much as i admire and appreciate it is a friend of mine.

And I agree with Corey Taylor on this :

Feel Free to share your opinions and your experiences

If you want my mood nowadays I listen to :

Clean Bandit / Zara Larsson -- Symphony (accoustic version)

as well as

Skillet (rock band) -- Fire and Fury


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  • I am MsMusic and I approve this message.

    • thank you for approving @MsMusic

    • For whoever doesn't get the reference lol,

      Whoever is running for office here in usa, they'll do propoganda commercials then come on the screen and say their name is so and so annd they approve the message.

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  • Music is in my opinion the greatest expression of human emotion. It transcends time, space, language and culture. Virtually any thing that you want to feel is out there in a form of music. It is so fascinating that even a few instruments can produce so many different combinations.

  • You listen to Slayer and you love it!!

    Best piece of advice ever!


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