The Music You Listen To Influences You

As per usual, this take of mine is directed towards males. The short version is that lyrics in music, which you presumably listen to all the time, has a strong affect on your mind and, relating it to GaG, it's either making you soft or hard in relation to the opposite sex. Let's first break it down into two opposite camps (obviously a lot exists in the middle but for the purposes of the article we'll speak in more obvious terms and also use pop radio music instead of indie music as examples.)

The first one is the camp I actually most naturally fall into for whatever reason (I didn't have any older siblings and watched Disney Channel until I was around twelve or thirteen and didn't get into South park until high school?)

The Sweet Romantic Fantasy Male

This male makes music which either he himself believes in or that he knows women will purchase because it is a fantasy of a male to care more about the girls feelings and their feelings than their own and to know very poetic ways of getting that passion across.

"I'm lifting up my voice to say/ You're the hottest girl in the world today..."--Jesse McCartney

"Everybody/ It seems to me/ Just wants to be/ Just like you..."-John Mayer

"I did this on purpose now...because when I'm missing you, I'll stop eating food and then I'll squeeze into a dress so I can be like you and then I'll see your biterness and while you're leaving too, maybe I'll put you to a test and say that I love you...I think I love you."-Ed Sheeran

Listneing to lyrics like these on your iPod over and over leads you to try top pull off stuff like the following which occasionally works but mostly just makes you look incredibly corny and stupid:

The Music You Listen To Influences You

"Sarah...I know now...I KNOW NOW!!!"

(Sarah, after having just been pushing away for months because of your personal issues, proceeds to make out with you and considers herself the luckiest girl in the world that you finally came around and realized you belong together)

The Strong Confident Fantasy Male

This male makes it his purpose to be the opposite of the other guy and probably goes way overboard in this pursuit, but, while the first guy often finds himself dating at least two or so girls each year, this guy tends to find himself in bed with two or so girls every couple weeks. He doesn't care what women think, in fact, his pursuit and his sense of personal validation comes from many women he barely knows caring what he thinks. He believes women are basically sluts to be turned on by arrogance, exhilaration, and men who don't play by the rules of chivalry. Jaded maybe? But, he consistently conquers women's bodies and has them wondering why it is he "doesn't do relationships."

"F***** with an R&B goin' have the greatest sex."-Trey Songz

"You need a n**** when he's done prollly' gon' put you out."-J. Cole

"We just met and I just f***** you."-Eminem

This leads men who get plenty of attention from attractive girls to think it's their responsibility to make said girls make out with each other.

"Psst...quick, my dude, what are these girls name again?"

Now let's concede the counterargument, that people are the way they are and seek music that reflects their beliefs and are repulsed by lyrics which contradict their beliefs. True, but even in this way it is reinforcing mild beliefs into strongs through repetition. It becomes, for many, reality and the way they think. If John Mayer tells you that a girl's body is a wonderland a part of you honestly belives and thinks of a girls body as a fantastic, dreamlike place. Conversly, if Big Sean tells you that he "shows a bad bitch what she's made for" you believe that is the mark of a confident, successfull male to be in charge of a beautiful woman and direct her actions.

Obviously, as stated, I omitted so many other types of lyrics that present different attitudes and perspectives. I'm also not advocating avoiding music that influences your mindset, but, rather, to just be aware that just because you hear something in a song doesn't mean you shouldn't be critical of it's message or, simply to enjoy the music and don't read too much into the lyrics...

Men, most radio music promotes you to pursue and fantasize about one of the two following actions...not sure why. As a test, listen to rap music while you stare at the first picture and think about how stupid and girly it looks or look at the second while listening to Ed Sheeran and think about how lost and empty it seems.)

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  • There are lots of bad crappy lyrics in songs.


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  • Lol dude... in summary, media (this case, music) influences your thinking. Yip it does. I listen to everything from Marilyn Manson and Slipknot, to Enya and classical (hence my username)


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  • Yeah that seems true.

  • Wow, I hate all of this music.
    But of course it influences your thinking.

  • Cool. man
    I like the second part :P

  • So are you saying the fact that Frank Zappa is my favorite musician/composer and that I'm a huge fan of the man himself (I agree strongly with most of what he thought) is a reason why I'm so cynical about relationships?