A Poem; Shining Star with a Journey Ahead

A poem; shining star with a journey ahead

This is my first poem I have ever written and I am curious what goes through your mind when you read this

also, please let me know if there are some grammatical mistakes in it.


I used to be a shining star when I was little

the most happy and loving girl on the world

but slowly a monster became present

not realizing it, not knowing what it was

my feelings were changing

sometimes I felt like a shining star

sometimes I only saw darkness

but slowly my star started to shine less

suddenly the darkness became darker than I

could ever imagine

For a long time I have felt bad

for a long time I could conceal

for a long time I was able to function as I should

but slowly I started to show

slowly I lost my responsibility

so slow no one noticed, so slow I could still conceal

that monster got a name

things became more clear

this monster has to be fought against

I am starting a journey I am not sure about how long it will take

it is not even sure if it will end and if I will survive

but the most important thing is that I should never forget that it’s

okay to take the wrong path sometimes, as long as you will go

back and continue to follow the right path again




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  • I like it.

  • I like it. A little to explicit.


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