Serendipity - A Poem

This is a poem I wrote a few minutes go. I thought I might as well share something happy and lovey with G@G since there is so much sadness currently.

Serendipity - A Poem


In your brown eyes is the ocean.
In the ocean are endless possibilities.
I take your hand.
You’re the waves and the life raft keeping me afloat.

In your heart is the universe.
In the universe lies never ending life.
I lay my head on your shoulder.
You're the abyss and the gravity that keeps me grounded.

With endless possibilities, and never ending life.
It can't have been us who decided.
I take your hand, I kiss your sweet lips.
With you I look out over the ocean, into the galaxy, tucked into the universe.
You are my serendipity.


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