My Top 10 Head Banging Nu Metal Songs of the 2000's!

If this gets enough responses/likes I will make more for more genres so like this MyTake or satan will clog your toilet! 😈🔥

If you're a Metal head, you always have those go-to songs to listen to when you want to headbang and even gives you those "Metal butterflies" (u should know what I mean) . It's either the heavy breakdowns or fast pace drums! Or both! But here are my top ten metal songs to headbang to!

10. Down With The Sickness-Disturbed

One of the first metal songs I ever listen to! It never gets old!

9. One Step Closer-Linkin Park

This is one of those songs you can relate to and it makes you want to start a moshpit wherever you are! 😂 (R.I.P Chester)

8. Chop Suey- System Of A Down

This one's a classic! I had a hard time deciding between this one or B.Y.O.B or Question. But everytime this song plays, I unconsciously headbang to it!

7. Did My Time- Korn

Basically every Korn song but just decided to put this one on here

6. Bodies-Drowning Pool

I don't need to explain you probably already head it lol

5. Duality-Slipknot

What's better than a bunch of naked dudes crammed into an arena destoying shit and I assume it probably smells like sweaty balls? Absolutely nothing!

4. Last Resort- Papa Roach

Probably not this high in your list, but this classic riff always gets me hyped!

3. Laid To Rest-Lamb Of God

Since we're in the top three, I had to go all out with these. Laid To Rest will forever be one of my go-to head banging songs!

2. Nightmare-Avenged Sevenfold

I'm just gonna leave this here 🔥

1. I couldn't choose one so here are a few

Yes I am bored and I'm not expecting many people to see it lol but leave your opinion if I left out a song you like!


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  • Nice list!


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  • Bro, no joke, and ironically, I was JUST a few hours ago thinking about Disturbed and how cool it'd be to meet him or his bro. (his bro, from what I know, lives here in Israel as a pianist) Rock on \m/

  • Die Mutha Fucker die by Dope should be on here.

  • Hey dude! I hate to be the one to have to break the news to you, but these bands are Satin's messengers and they are absolute poison for your young soul. If these are the the negative messages that you've been feeding into your subconscious mind than I need to ask you a very serious question. Why haven't you committed suicide yet? Dude! For your own emotional happiness, you need to stop listening to this suicidal music

    My advice? Find music that will actually make you feel uplifted and alive spiritually. Here are a few good suggestions:

    Yes - Wonderous Stories (Official Music Video)

    Tommy James - Christian of the World

    Captain Sunshine-Neil Diamond

    ELP / The Great Gates of Kiev / 1974 California Jam

    • Just so you know, I'm Catholic and a big believer. But unlike a lot of the others, I don't have a close mind. To you, yeah it could give you negative vibes but not for me.

      And unlike your beliefs, I'm still alive because of this music. I've been through hell and back and this is why I'm even here. This is why I (and metal heads in general) have a passion for it. It sounds brutal Because you may hear screaming but for metalheads, we hear the meaning, it's a way to release anger and emotions through music in a healthy way. "Uplifting" music to me sounds forced and they never admit the realitt of life. But again that's just MY opinion

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    • It's not nu metal that's why lol

    • Not so! Nightwish is progressive metal and worlds better than the likes of Slipknot...

  • Sweet list. Also, satan already clogs my toilet, XD

  • avenged and lamb of god aren't really nu metal.


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