Pantera's Far Beyond Driven Record

Pantera's Far Beyond Driven Record

Hey headbangers! themetalhead is here comin' at ya with another metal take. This time on Pantera's Far Beyond Driven album. A pretty brutal album this is. However, as we jump into this take, let me point out one thing before speaking about anything else...... that album cover.

So yes this album cover depicts a huge drill going into that guy's head. It goes with the album name pretty well. However, this isn't the original album art. The original was banned from being used. Why? It showed that same huge drill going up someone's ass. So yes it was banned for being too explicit, however there are still some original copies of the album with that cover. And LP re-pressings that are issued by Rhino records include the original picture.

Far Beyond Driven is Pantera's 7th studio album, released through Elektra Records on March 22 1994. This is also the first album where guitarist Darrell Abbott changed his nickname from "Diamond Darrell" to "Dimebag Darrell". The rest of the guys in the band were Phil Anselmo (vocals), Rex Brown (bass), and Vinnie Paul (drums).

Pantera's Far Beyond Driven Record

Now this album was Pantera's fastest selling. Also certified platinum, although critics gave mixed reviews on the album. Some ranked it the best ever made, others say that it's kinda "eh..". The band's LP stayed on the Billboard 200 for around 29 weeks. Not bad for a metal band XD Far Beyond Driven particularly has some pretty brutal inspirations for the songs. And one is also a Black Sabbath cover.

The track list on this album is:

1."Strength Beyond Strength"


3."5 Minutes Alone"

4."I'm Broken"

5."Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills"

6."Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks"


8."25 Years"

9."Shedding Skin"

10."Use My Third Arm"

11. "Throes of Rejection"

12."Planet Caravan" (originally by Black Sabbath)

"I'm Broken" was Pantera's first single, that became a highest charted single worldwide. This song is apparently a song influenced by Anselmo's issues he had with back pain from a degenerative disease. The pain caused him to become more addicted to pain killers and muscle relaxers. I'll let Anselmo himself speak for me about the song "5 Minutes Alone":

"There are always gold-diggers out there. The way I remember it was there was this kid that swore that I jumped off the stage and beat him up. Well, that was bullshit. That did not happen at all. When the father asked for five minutes alone with me, our manager responded aptly and perfectly: 'No, you don't.' [Laughs] 'I really doubt that,' and basically hung up on the guy. But once that story was conveyed to me, it actually made me angry because it wasn't fucking true. I basically plucked out those words from my agitator's mouth and yeah, man, 'five minutes alone,' fucking bring it."

(originally from "Pantera Look Back at 20 Years of 'Far Beyond Driven'" for Rolling Stone)

Anyone ever noticed that the song "Good Friends And A Bottle of Pills" is pretty similar to the Ted Nugent song "Good Friends And A Bottle of Wine"? This song pretty much explains the way Anselmo was as a kid. He felt this song pointed out pretty well the mistakes he made.

"Shedding Skin" is about pretty much any girlfriend Anselmo had when he was in his 20s.

Really almost all of the songs dealt with something pretty rough about life. All songs (except the Black Sabbath cover of course) were written by all of the guys in the band. Though many speak of what Anselmo has dealt with in life.

Pantera's Far Beyond Driven Record

Now the first time I ever heard this album I was around 10 years old. Yeah, I know, pretty young for brutal stuff like that. It was on a CD my mom got from a friend of hers. She wore the living shit out of that thing in the car all the time, along with the Vulgar Display of Power album, and Cowboys From Hell. Though I do remember that whenever she would listen to "Shedding Skin", she would only listen to half of it around me. Stupid me wasn't sure why. One day I snuck and got the CD, and played it in the little pink CD player I had at the time. At first I didn't listen to that particular song, since I was already enjoying the rest. But I eventually went to "Shedding Skin", and once it got to that other half that was usually blocked by mom and I thought to myself "Oh, that's why. I get it now". Honestly she still plays half of it around me these days. And though she does that she still lets me play the CD, since I don't have a copy for myself right now. But I'm willing to have it as part of my growing music collection soon.

Thanks to the fellow metalheads who have read this! Coming soon will be a take on the Garage Inc. album by Metallica, so keep your eyes out for it.

Stay Metal \m/


Pantera's Far Beyond Driven Record
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  • Jaye234

    PanfuckingTera one of my favorite bands.
    I feel that if only Phil had been honest with his band mates about him performing in the other band (which I now forget the name of) that especially Darrell and the band would still be alive. They didn't want to perform without Phil BECAUSE he was the voice of the band. Because he was.

    Phil was an addict still is but claims to be sober.
    We truly lost one of the best talents in metal when Dimebag died.
    Vinny still blames Phil and is still pissed.
    Not fond of Hellyeah.
    My favorite song is Heresy- damn it the vocals are killer.

    I've always been a metal head- thanks mom! And I've passed the torch down to my 4 year old who loves metal too 🤘

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    • fuck yea!!! \m/ you sound just like me lol. once the time comes where I'm a mom I'm definitely passing the metal torch to my kid (s). Dimebag died too soon.
      PanfuckingTera for life! XD

    • Jaye234

      Fuck yes!! So glad to know there's another lady metal head on GaG!
      My kid even likes death metal! Lol

    • sweet! XD yeah for awhile I was thinking I was the only female metalhead here. although I'm sure that I may be the only female metalhead who's under 18 XD

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  • AynonOMouse

    That is my second favorite Pantera album. I liked Vulgar Display of Power the best. In high school I used to listen to that stuff in my car with my 12" subwoofers. It was cool.

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    • vulgar display of power is my main favorite too. man that had to have been awesome XD

    • Ahsthen

      Dude. I listen it fuckin now at shake the car next to me volume. And I don't even have it all the way up.

  • Elliegirl

    Yay, Pantera! It seems so weird to my friends that sweet little me likes such a heavy, often angry sounding band, but I love them. Far Beyond Driven was the first Pantera album I got. It came in a two album set with Great Southern Trendkill. I admit I mostly got it for Great Southern since I heard it so much in the car when I would ride with my bid bro, but Far Beyond Driven grew on me quickly. Vulgar Display of Power is still my fave, but when I put Pantera on my road trip rotation, it’s always a good feeling when Strength Beyond Strength comes on. Then I know I’ve got 12 great songs in a row ahead of me!

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    • awesome! XD hey a girl that is sweet that likes angry sounding music is bad ass no doubt about it haha. Vulgar Display of Power is a favorite of mine too. Great Southern Trendkill is awesome, I'm soon going to have the intro to "Drag The Waters" as a ringtone. totally killer haha

    • Ahsthen

      See, it never sounded angry to me. Nor aggressive. Just heavy.

  • chc0009

    It's too bad that Phil Anselmo is such an asshole. It's because of him that Pantera disbanded, since he'd cause drama with Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell.

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    • wasn't the death of dimebag a second reason for pantera not continuing on?

    • chc0009

      Well, Phil had always been a major dickhead. He needs to stop with the drama.

    • Ahsthen

      Phil's back problem and heroine addiction were the problem.

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  • Ahsthen

    I still listen to some of it. The last couple tracks I don't even have. . Noise instead of solos on many tracks, and the solos were bland. They were starting to peter out.

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    • Ahsthen

      By the way, your parents are interesting.

    • thanks XD yeah I've always loved Dimebag Darrel but there are times where the solos are kinda weird. especially on the Cowboys From Hell album

    • Ahsthen

      Darrell was all Neo-Van Halen-y in his late teens, but by Cowboys was playing lightly extended Blues scale. His harmonics, whammy, and types of palm muting were instrumental, and hence compositional, rather than effectual. Articulational things native to high gain electric guitar. Palm-muting in particular I've always enjoyed, one reason I liked Metal, and have translated it into a far smoother and cooler sound and experience.

  • Nice222

    Luckily I got to see them live a few times. Dime was the best of the best.

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  • monkeynutts

    I'm a fan. Good times in the 90s

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